5 postcards showing a Private of the 44th Regiment

In this auction you can bid for 5 signed postcards showing a Private of the 44th Regiment.

It is five postcards, each showing a Private of the 44th Regiment just after the siege of Badajoz and Battle of Salamanca in 1812. He is holding a French shako with another on the ground, plus a French musket and water bottle.

The regiment had distinguished itself at the Siege of Badajoz where it had sustained very heavy losses. They then moved to Salamanca and captured a French Eagle.

The prizewinning artist, Alix Baker, is one of the leading British military artists collected worldwide and who worked for very many years on official commissions from the Ministry of Defence, military units and museums. Her standard of research set her above others in the field of military painting.

The original painting of the 44th is owned by the Royal Anglian Regiment and and a reproduction of it is printed into the wall at the Regimental Museum at Duxford.

The postcards are signed by Alix Baker, so the signature isn't printed, but 'real' !!!

Further description and photos will follow by GRB.

Please note that the auction will run until 8th of December 16:00 hrs UK time.


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Here are the pictures, showing front and back, so you can be sure the postcards haven't been used!



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Thanks YIM, and thanks for updating the thread to say that the artist has signed the postcards.


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Thank you. If there's one thing worse than a technopeasant, it's a technopeasant in a hurry!
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