5 Myths about the military Cracked.com

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smallbrownprivates, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. That site is blocked by my IT SS goons. Any chance of a copy paste?
  2. Blocked with good reason.Septic crap.
    PS; re C+P Lots of it and lots of piccies.Wait 'til you get home,but you'll be very disappointed with it.
  3. Shame, thought it might be a new take on the famous list of Hollywood Military.

    Neverending magazines, handgranades that take out whole city streets, wounds that autoheal etc etc
  4. When I was at boot camp, a drill sergeant there would use one of those laser pointers as a level to make sure that medals were mounted on our uniforms straight. It takes time and effort to learn to compete with lasers

    I rest my case.
  5. If you're not 60 years old, you'll realise that a lot of this is actually true.
  6. Don't bother reading it - it's dull as fuck.
  7. Yeh I got loads of medals in basic training at Catterick too. I stopped reading after that.
  8. They're spams and they get medals for joining, no I'm not making it up. They get the National Defense Service Medal for being in any of their armed forces, even for a day, while they are at war. They've considered themselves at war since 9/11. They also get the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal after they've served for 90 days.