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I've had a bit of a look around on the forum, and wanted to ask this one here as I've not spotted it. Though if it's around do point me in the right direction.

As per AOSB Main Board there is a requirement to speak in front of groups for 5 minutes about something lifted from the cv. I understand you get 4 topics in which are lifted for you to talk about. But having though about the cv I submitted, I don't really know what these could be at all.

Does anybody have prior experience with this, or remember the list of subjects they got to choose from? Cheers
Choose any one from the following:

Is having sex with hedgehogs always wrong?

What is the optimum way to dispose of the body after you have murdered someone?

Does Prince Edward bat for the other side?

Will a reduction in length of the standard Curly Wurly lead to widespread genocide on the Horn of Africa?

If you can manage 5 minutes on any of these you will be fine.


Fantastic, hopefully not the last question though. Sounds a bit high brow.
I have never been up for orifice selection, but I have had to do a number of 5 min presentations. so for my 5 pennyworth I will say;

Keep it simple, you only have 5 min so dont try to explain too much. one or two basic points and only go into detail if cross examined.

Stick to what you know. Any attempt to waffle or bullsh1t will be seen through immeadiatly.

Make it informative, interesting or ammuseing. keep the jokes clean and pc acceptable.

Be confident. you are being judged on your ability to speak confidently and coherantly, not neccassarily on your in depth knowledge of the subject.

Don't panic. even if you make a right pigs backside of the task there are plenty of other places that you can make up the marks to achieve a pass.

All the subjects are chosen from your C.V. So its all about things you have done before or know about any way. No probs.

If in doubt, twist the question so that you can talk about something that you are confident about rather than what you were asked about. (Polititions do this all the timeso it is hardly cheating.)


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I think the thing that worked for me is to focus yourself and try to project confidence. I was always low on confidence when I was younger, and to a degree lack it now, but as long as you seem confident to others their attention and reception during the first few senteces/points will in turn boost your confidence.

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