5 mile run time

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by The_0ne, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Did a 5 miler in my lunch hour at work today.

    Took me 42 minutes that was approx 85% cross country and 15% on the road

    Is that a reasonable time?
  2. How did you measure the distance? Just asking as I am thinking of buying one of those GPS gadgets and wonder if they are any good. I never quite trust my distance estimations..

    That time sounds quite good to me, but I am by no means very fit myself so not really in a position to comment!
  3. My local authority has an online route planner for walks, just mapped out the run using that.
  4. What are you training for? Anything in particular?
  5. Nothing in particular.

    Considering Gunner Light gun and volunteering for 29 commando if i was successful
  6. There is a thread on here somewhere that was posted over the last few days which has a link to a site where a map comes up and you can measure your running routes.
  7. 42 mins for 5 miles aint bad really. I personally aim for 7 min or below per mile. For the likes of AACC (I havent done it) but I would imagine working on distance rather than speed would be best.
  8. Yeah i've used that , it's really handy, only trouble is the places I run are either round a housing estate (rubbish and boring) or at a nearby forest. Both are impossible to plot a route through using websites.

    I used a cheap pedometer as a guide.At least it shows improvement (but not absolutes) but would love to know what my real times are.

    Out of interest anyone know how long the average stride is? (im 5'11'')
    I plugged in 60 inches, no idea if that is anywhere near right - im asuming a stride is 2 steps as a pedometer counts 2 steps as 1 pace
  9. IF uv got a bit for many you can buy a watch with a built in gps, heartrate monitor and more. I work in a shop that sells them and there a brilliant bit of kit. You can analyis your routes, how far you've run, speed, heart rate and its got a training managment bit on it. Its called a garmin forerunner 305 and the cost around £200 onwards so pretty expensive.
  10. Stride is an individual thing. In order to properly set up a pedometer you need to accurately measure a short course and run it whilst counting your paces and then programme the thing according to the results.

    Personally, I always measure with a map. It's likely to be more accurate and it's all good skills in any case.
  11. Thought you were going for a Cav regiment? QRL wasn't it?
  12. Nah it was always either QDG or LD's and i was choosing LD's but my recruiting Sargeant has warned me that you need really good eyesight for RAC and i might struggle to make the grade as i wear contacts so Gunner Light Gun was my 2nd choice
  13. Thanks for the tips, very useful stuff. Calibrating the pedometer sounds like a good solution until I find a GPS bargain!
  14. mapmyrun.com there's the site if any one is interested.

  15. I have just bought Nike+ equipment and its one of the best things i have ever bought.

    It shows very accurate distance, time, heart rate, calories and its cool cos its on your ipod nano so you can check how you are doing while you run.

    well worth £20 if u have a nano already.