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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Double_Nickel, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. And jolly super it is too. No mention of the ferret fiddling, whippet bothering or tripe mining though.
  2. Reb:

    I never knew you had it in you:

    All I came away with was a distinction on EPC (A) ACW

    Keep safe out there !
  3. " At bottom, all MI operators are soldiers first,....."

  4. Grandfather rights old boy. I have got quals in Biology and Metalwork, so if you ever need a hamster welding I'm your man. EPC seems to have by-passed me, probably deliberately.

    Dubb of course we are, well some of us are, obviously not you carrot crunching, welly chucking, tractor racers, but those from more select areas.
  5. It wasn't the "soldiers first" bit I was querying (of course you are, dear); it was the old-fashioned expression "at bottom." I'm astonished that none of you made the requisite "fnar, fnar" noises.

    Anyway, back to the tractor racing.....
  6. Junction 8 M61 (Just after it becomes cobbles)
  7. Ah, Euxton ! Gateway to the North. I had an MQ there; many, many moons ago.
  8. I heard a rumour that CO 5MI had be disabused of the idea that all his soldiers had shaped their berets in an "ally" peak so beloved of some other units; it turns out that the issue headware is in fact cypress green flat caps.
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  9. Just a reminder, this was actually intended as 'call to arms' for 55 MI Coy (V) please try not to scare off the enquiries.

    Many thanks!
  10. I love the bit that says: "The majority of Soldiers however hold at least one degree."

    In my day that would have been a boast about the numbers of O Levels. I put it down to grade inflation, myself.
  11. In 35 MI Section*, academic prowess seemed to be inverse to your rank.

    LCPLs with multiple degrees, the OC with EPC (A)

    *( probably the best MI Section in the Universe)