5 LOYALS 1914-1918

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by angular, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know of a history of the 5th Loyals for the First World War? I'm on a hunt for lost ancestors who survived the war, but may well have joned up in Bolton.

  2. I now live in the Bolton area....I know that 5th Loyals were locally recruited,as they have a monument on Chorley New Road. I will try and get you a photo of said monument and post it on site if you want to see it??

    Ref history of 5 LNL you could perhaps try Waterstones in Bolton as they have (in the past) had some locally produced WW1 info on sale....It may also be worth looking up or asking Waterstones about a guy called Neil Richardson who has done some work on Farnworth & Kearsley in WW1.I beleive he is or was Bolton area based.

    Also try Bolton Town Hall....(Albert Halls).... has a shop containing items of local interest,it includes a book section.

    Are you in the area?

  3. Thanks Gents. The 1914-18 forum was what has sparked my interest. I'm not local to Bolton (the first one in my family not to be born within a day's walk of there since 1695 :D ). A photo of the war memorial would be interesting, but maybe only to me! PM would be great.