5 Lincs Chritmas 1917

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by scc970, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Well it's now getting to the 90th anniversary of my Great Uncle's death.
    He served with the Battalion as a bandsman from it's founding until Christmas Day 1917.
    Do any of you have any idea what sort of action could have led to his death other than a sniper's shot?
    I have found no references to any form of action for that day or for the previous few weeks, assuming a lingering death in a field hospital.
    Any help appreciated.
  2. A member of my family fell to a single shot on xmas day 1915. His brother retained his issued bible (c/w bullet hole) up until his death in the 80's.
  3. It should be on his death cert I believe. Killed in Action, died of wounds etc. but also bear in mind, people just 'die' of natural causes, even in wars.
  4. Many bandsmen died acting as stretcher bearers (see link)
    Although it states that the practice of using bandsmen as bearers was "generally abandoned" after the Somme, it actually was still widely used and still is to this day.
    It takes a very brave man to go into no mans land to retrieve the wounded and dying, often under heavy fire.

    Until the First Battle of the Somme many battalions had used their bandsmen as stretcher-bearers. After that battle this system generally was abandoned. For one thing after such battles the band was too badly needed for cheering up the troops! A battle like Pozieres sometimes made a clean sweep of the regimental bearers. Also, on its side, the work of the bearers was too important to be left to unselected men; they were now specially selected "for their physique and guts".