5 Labour MPs threaten by-elections

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. So, 5 soon to be ex-MP's have worked out that if they resign now rather than wait for the election and refuse to pay back their ill-gotten expenses they will be quids in.

    Is it to be cave in on expenses or face 5 miserable by-elections and the inevitable Gordon must go?

    Enter Bottler Brown.

    "Five Labour backbenchers are so furious at their Legg demands that they are threatening to trigger by-elections, a senior Commons source tells me.

    At least one of the five has actually rung Ian Gibson to ask how he did it. Calculations are being made, weighing up the loss of pension, severance and so on against the size of the Legg payback. The Legg request is so huge in some cases that resignation is seen as the best option - and the best way to achieve leverage with Brown.

    The message is simple: if Brown doesn't curb Legg's retrospective cap, then he faces a string of potentially devastating by-election losses. "It's Gordon's nightmare - by-elections in safe seats in the depths of winter," says one source.

    The tough stance from the 'Refusenik 5' (all five of whom are planning to stand down at the next election anyway) will give further problems for Harriet Harman as she attends the Commons Commission meeting today. I'm told their hardline approach has been communicated to the whips - but sources close to Nick Brown insisted just now they have not heard of any such by-election threats.

    Then again, it may explain why Harriet last week wobbled on Legg, blurting out that his decisions had been "arbitrary" and suggesting he had gone beyond his original remit to judge MPs according to the rules at the time.

    There are around 50 MPs in total who are really hacked off, but only five have to date talked about by-elections.

    A further five Tory backbenchers are also so upset by Legg that they plan to refuse to hand back the cash. They, however, will not quit before the election.

    One source tells me that Harriet's conduct in meetings on MPs' expenses has been "all over the shop". At one meeting, she turned up with a brief then appeared to change it mid-way through the meeting.

    The question is what Gordon and his Commons Leader will do in the face of such threats. Apparently Nick Brown is seen as an honest broker in the MPs exes discussions despite the confused Government line - "but the poor guy can't be blamed for not knowing what the message is ", as one colleague puts it."

  2. Splendid.
    I hope all of the thieving b@stards resign.
    The only hing that is astonishing about any of this is that these deluded fools think they are justified in being agrieved that they have to pay the money back
    Just how many MP's still think they have done nothing wrong and were entitled to help themselves to the pot?
  3. Let them resign, arrest them, try them, jail the bastards. Easy.
  4. Well technically they're not actually allowed to resign. To get around it they're appointed to an "office of profit under the Crown" - usually either Crown Steward and Bailiff of the three Chiltern Hundreds of Stoke, Desborough and Burnham or Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead - by the Chancellor as that disqualifies you from being a Member of Parliament. So Brown could simply order Darling not to appoint them to either position and force them to stay on until the next general election, although you can bet the lawsuits would start flying and the whole thing would be heading for the courts fairly sharpish.
  5. I wouldn't have thought he would give a shit, Everyone in the Labour party knows they are going to lose the next election, it not as if anyone will be volunteering to replace him before that happened, so he knows he's safe until the 3rd of June 2010 at which point some company that he has given a truckload of taxpayers money to will hire him as an advisor.
  6. Can we have the thread retitles as '5 constituencies revitalised by by-elections'? Anything which surgically removes snouts from trough is automatically a good thing for the body politic.

  7. You are wrong, Brown still believes that his financial genius will be proven if he is gven enough time. Consequently he is sure he will be vindicated and the people will be suitably greatful.
    Brown has no doubt whatsoever that he is right and he just needs time to prove it, if everybody co-operated then he would be able to prove his point quicker. Its the source of all his frustration.

    Post election defeat you are right, just as Blair did Brown has featherd his nest fro the future. In a fair world it would be called by its real name which is corruption and Blair would already be in jail with Brown hot on his heels.
    The last decade of this government has been run for the personal profit and interests of the Cabinet.
    It is we poor muppets out n the real world who have paid for it and will continue to do so for at least another decade.
  8. Unfortunately, I think you're right. Either out of naivety, stupidity or arrogance (take your pick) Gordon truly thinks he's some sort of divine messiah that will resurrect the UK from its doldrums.

    What he can't understand is why the British people don't feel the same way. After all, his track record speaks for itself. He, Gordon Brown, saved the world. The UK will be a piece of cake compared to that!
  9. Yeh, and now he believes he has the financial side sorted he is going to start on saving the planet from Range Rover drivers.
    The deluded moron will finish this country off before we get to an election.
  10. Good news, only 650 to go
  11. I'd have some respect for them if they'd

    i) voted for everything in their manifesto(es)

    ii) voted against everything contradictory to their manifesto(es)

    iii) voted for what they believed was right (rather than in personal interest)

    iv) claimed only what was essential for their Parliamentary Duties

    v) spoke honestly whenever unde pressure from whips was applied

    ...... or anything that showed a spart of common decency.

    PS - ........ bastards !
  12. Well said
  13. Im really upset, cant you tell?
  14. Seeing as they ahve threatened by elections, why not just hold the by elections?

    They can put their money where their snout is.

    Should just be able to hold votes of no confidence to force by elections.

    I mean, corrupt MPs threatening by elections? It's like ian huntly threatening to commit hari kari.
  15. Why don't they just kill themselves?

    If would solve their financial problems.

    It would force a by-election, without requiring anybody's permission.

    It would save the tax-payer from funding their gold-plated pension.