5 killed in Helmand

Have just heard on radio 4 that 5 British soldiers have been killed in helmand, only details were that next of kins had been informed.

Newsflash on BBC News

3 Grenadier Guards and 2 RMP.

Someone post a link when it is produced please.
Just been on Sky news too - another sad day. RIP
Just seen on GMTV. They announced the 5 (3 Gren Gds and 2 RMP) deaths with a statement saying Taleban dressed as ANP/Afghan soldiers turned and opened fire. Will post as more details become available.

RIP guys. :cry:
radio 4, it appears that they were killed by a member of the ANP, at a joint check point they were manning.
I guarantee that the excrement is going to hit the rotary cooling device on this one. There will be definite ramifications. Can we just translate "Taleban dressed as ANP/Afghan soldiers" as "a bunch of traitorous scum who successfully infiltrated our lines and distilled what everyone already thought into one single, calamitous, inevitable, murderous incident"? This won't be the last. RIP lads.
RIP lads. :(

As always are thoughts are with your family's, friends, and comrades in arms.

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