5 killed in Helmand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by waffen, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Have just heard on radio 4 that 5 British soldiers have been killed in helmand, only details were that next of kins had been informed.

  2. Grim news

  3. Newsflash on BBC News

    3 Grenadier Guards and 2 RMP.

    Someone post a link when it is produced please.
  4. Just been on Sky news too - another sad day. RIP
  5. Oh fcuking hell. Rest in Peace.
  6. Christ.

    Rest In Peace lads.
  7. Just seen on GMTV. They announced the 5 (3 Gren Gds and 2 RMP) deaths with a statement saying Taleban dressed as ANP/Afghan soldiers turned and opened fire. Will post as more details become available.

    RIP guys. :cry:
  8. Bloody hell, all from gun shot wounds as well :(
  9. RIP.
  10. Bloody hell. RIP lads.
  11. radio 4, it appears that they were killed by a member of the ANP, at a joint check point they were manning.
  12. Rest in peace lads. :(
  13. Shocking


    God Bless