5 GS

5GS. It was a great unit when I was there 3 years ago. It is a very busy unit. Done a loy of yours when I was there. TELIC 1,3 and 5. Dont know what the unit is like now. They have fromed another SQN (D). Location is really goos. Up North. Blackpool only 20 mins away. The Trains are central to most places to. Hope you have a good time there.
Top place unless your a southerner 8) not sure about the unit other than clinical placements/att are happening, so the TO is onside for CMT's getting experience and exposure. They're gearing up for deployment so watch out or you might find yersel on rear party???
I would highly reccomend this posting. Left 3 weeks ago fo 3CS for personal reasons but regretting it. If U R on rear party yr gonna have a great time. D sqn's new sgt is the best. especially if U enjoy going on the piss. U gotta be able to take a bit of ribbing an give it back, he respects ya 4 it. The full skrews are pretty good for the most part. training is constant and the new placements are something U should definently apply for. I spent 4 weeks in central manchester on an Ambulance placement, loved every minute. U gotta do alot of PT in yr own time as most weeks you only get regt PT on a friday. Definently do it mate or You'll regret it.
5Gsmr is what you make it.. Theres plenty of placements available,also some good clinical teaching programmes in place too.. Although rear party looms its not the be all and end all..

Feel free to pm me if you want any more info..

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