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5 extra dutys

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Chris_2oo6, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. If that's your attitude take 10
  2. Cheer up, you'll be ******* boss at stagging on by the end of them. Everyone needs a talent.
  3. You sucked back HARD.

    You post editing faggot.
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  4. I see the whinging **** has deleted his post. I'll fill in the blank.

    "I'm a complete cluster **** and cannot tie my own boot laces and I was given five extra duties because I forgot to wipe my own arse, it's not fair etc etc"
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  5. You did wrong?
    Got caught?
    Take it like a man?
    Or put your papers in?
    Binmen get ok wages!
  6. ******* hell,5 whole will you cope. Isn't there someone you can sue for harrassment!
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  7. I got five extras for only being three minutes early for an ITD lesson.

    Can I sue retrospectively?
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  8. Was that the old, "When I say that I want you all formed up outside the classroom for 09:00, what time do
    I want you to be there" riddle?
  9. Apparently so. The RSM was stood at the classroom door. Any NCO who wasn't five minutes early got five extras. The guard commander roster was very repetitive for about the next four months.
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  10. That stuff really grips my shit. It's a drama trying to explain to MT details that I will be there at X o'clock, so the driver needs to be there at X o'clock, not siting on his arse bored for 5 minutes.

    They always seem to arrive 15 mins early regardless.

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  11. The driver needs to be there at least 15 minutes earlier than you, unless you think that the vehicle's going to first parade itself?
  12. Nearly as complicated as the science of taking a 5 minute break.
  13. Army time:

    if you are early you are on time
    if you are on time you are late
    if you are late you can **** off my parade sq.
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  14. 'Five minutes before five minutes before parade' is all part of the game isn't it?

    Sometimes you be a good boy and end up standing round freezing your tits off because parade really is at 0800 and not 0750. Sometimes you take the risk and end up being 'late' because 0800 really does mean 0750.

    Without random shit like that the Army really would be no fun at all in barracks.
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