5 Engine Sherman

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Been told today that there was a Sherman tank in WW2 that had 5 Chrysler car engines installed in it.

    Looking at the interweb this does seem the case, the Mk6 had these multi bank engines see link


    Currently reading a book (fiction) which states in Normandy a tank had its engines stopped by a HE round which exploded at the rear of it and stopped it by the explosion. When restarted only 3 of the 5 engines worked and they motored back to the repair area on these.

    How the hell did that work then? This seems to have a combined transmission with all 5 having an input into it and if one was nadged it would be boogered?

    Any clues?
  2. The Sherman you refer to is the M4A4, which was used mainly by the British Commonwealth armies, and had the Chrysler A57 multibank engine, with 5 six cylinder units mated to a single drive shaft via a transfer gearbox.

    Post a question on the allied forum of www.missing-lynx.com. There are guys on that site who know far more about the M4 than I do. The story is highly unlikely, as Shermans tended to brew up very easily and quickly, hence the Hermans giving it the nickname "Tommy Cooker". It would have taken a brave crew to drive back a Sherman that had been hit in the arse this way. Most of them tended to get out if they could and run like feck...

    Cheers, Dave
  3. Otherwise known as Ronsons I believe. Lights first time!
  4. That's right - although that's what the Yanks called them of course. Some models used diesel, although the US preffered to issue them to the Brits [mainly M4A2 / Sherman III]. There are stories that old sweat crews used to scare the crap out of the new boys by "checking the fuel levels" with a lit match - chucking it into the [diesel] tank. I've never been tempted to try this trick out on my diesel Golf however.... :D
  5. Another good site to ask the question is www.mapleleafup.org where the Canadian WW2 restoration geezers hang out, in the Armour Forum you find all the info you need about WW2 Armour, they're a friendly bunch too!!
  6. Wowha PE4 - Your intellect and knowledge slay me again!!! 8) 8O
  7. Thanks for the replies yes even my clicky says Mk4 not 6, had my eyes in back to front last night.

    Interesting group that missing linx, waiting to be allowed membership but yes it looks like they might know.

    The book has stayed true to fact in that it follows a troop from Normandy to the fall of Germany and it gets decimated (even when they change to Comets before crossing the Rhine).

    The incident where the explosion stops the tank is when an 88 HE round lands behind the Sherman in the ground so it's possible that the effects might go up the exhausts and stop it.

    Still can't see how the thing will motor with a couple of engines out, the're all inked to the transmission so one out all out IMHO :D

  8. Pictures of the A57 engine.

    I'm sure there was a WW2 British tank with multiple engines btw? Seem to remember reading an autobiography that mentions such a beast. More google methinks.
  9. The M3 Stuart had twin cadilacs but was Yank tank.
  10. If the 88 shell ex-ploded close enough to the engine it could ave done something a ssim-ple as blow a few HT leads off which would effectively stop those engines but not diabale the others and if the ones that stopped were not next to each other in providing power to the crankshaft it is entirly feasible for the tank to keep motoring. In the same way that on a multi cylinder emgine the loss of power from a cople of cylinders won't completely stop the engine. That's not to say the vehicle will run well but it might just keep running.
  11. m3 stuart was also used by the brits in north africa and as a recce vech, minus its turret,,,by the brits.
  12. As can be seen there were quite a few variants of the Sherman, not counting the occasional local modification for specific tasks.

    [edit] UK Variants

    Sherman Crab Mk IISherman DD (Duplex drive) - Amphibious M4.
    Sherman Kangaroo - Sherman III converted into Kangaroo armoured personnel carrier
    Sherman III ARV Mk I - Amoured Recovery Vehicle conversion of Sherman III, similarly Sherman V ARV I and ARV II, but the Sherman II ARV III was a M32B1 TRV (see below)
    Sherman BARV (Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle) - converted and operated by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers to tow immobilised vehicles out of the water during the Normandy landings.
    Sherman Crab I and II - M4A4's with mine flail equipment.
    Tank AA, 20mm Quad, Skink - prototype anti aircraft vehicle with four 20 mm Polsten cannons mounted in a turret on Canadian-made M4A1 hull.
    Sherman V (Rocket) - a Sherman V with two 3-inch (60lb) RP-3 rockets on rails fitted to the turret. Used by the 1st Coldstream Guards at the Rhine in 1945.
  13. This photo (if I can post it!) is of our (Queens Bays) Sherman ARV's loading at Venice, note Bulldozer at the back.

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  14. Judging you user ID you were/are REME? It had 5 crankshafts going into the same tramsmission. If 2 were dead how can it work?