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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by con1993, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Hi I've just got a call from my recruiter and he told me he was putting me on a 5 day non residential course from the 1st of febuary. He said the course will prepare me for adsc .he also said that it is in woolwich or hounslow? I'm guessing its probaly with the fusiliers as there my chosen regiment does anyone know any imformation about it?
  2. Yes YOUR RECRUITER....dont get speculation off others get the Joining Instructions off of him so its correct. Short notice so I would be on the phone chatting to him.

    However Im suprised its not Residential unless you live close by.
  3. I've just been on a 5 Day 'Look at Life' course at Blandford Camp and I loved it, its pretty much what it says on the tin its a look at life course so you spend 5 days dressing like a soldier, eating like a soldier and getting thrashed for something that wasn't your fault... like a soldier so I would very much recommend it, there will be a few times when you think I dont need this sh*t! but by the end of the course it will be all worth it! good luck with it.
  4. hey all
    im going on a 5day insight course at bovington in May 24th-28th is there anyone here going on that same course