5 Bangladeshi men arrested near Sellafield

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fallschirmjager, May 3, 2011.

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  1. Or OB has decided to move given the present situation.
  2. Cops should have had a kneejerk reaction also......and shot them.
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  3. Or a knee jerk reaction from Plod against some ethnic ramblers?
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  4. Thats rather prejudiced of you to assume so, our peace loving cousins might simply have mistaking the dome for that of a mosque.
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  5. I find it quite plausible that the men were simply out hiking, Bangladeshis are, as we all know great fans of Alfred Wainright's lakeland fellwalking guides. Try finding space in a youth hostel during ramadan!
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  6. So you are condemning them without evidence. On your justification going for a curry is supporting Global Jihad.
  7. I think it would be rash to rush into accusations either way. I doubt that they were arrested just for being the wrong colour/religion near to Sellafield. No doubt it'll all come out in the end, or the CNC will be facing accusations of racism.
  8. It is a good place for a visit and i'm sure they were just innocently sightseeing. God love them.
  9. Well, they were after a korma. Anything less than a vindaloo is gay.
  10. Surely an attack on a target like Sellafield takes a bit more than a few hours planning to carry out? They're either proper head the balls who think they can just turn up and lob a few bombs around or they've been planning it for months.

  11. Quite so.

    However, they would find better hiking places than Sellafield much nearer to London. Of course, they may have gone hiking in the Lake district, or Fell walking.....and then strayed all the way to a ****ing dump like Sellafield.

    Seascale is quite pretty though.
  12. Well there is a visotrs center there perhaps they were visiting that or was this the nuke bomb AQ reckon they have in europe? Mind you could make a dirty bomb out of the radioactive seagull shit on the beach!
  13. as I understand it they were stopped as part of a routine check by CNC (nuclear police) cumbria then sent oficers and arrested them under section 41 of the terrorism act which is detention without charge, as such they've not done anything "wrong" but are being held for questioning however the North West Counter Terrorism Unit are investigating it, I would assume then that its more then just a car load of blokes being stopped in the wrong area
  14. If they'd written in advance they could have gone for a tour inside - assuming they still do this.