5 Armd Wksp

Discussion in 'REME' started by johnEXvma, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Might as well add 5 Armd to the list. Had a great 4 years at Soest. FRG33 the best bunch by far.
  2. I was in A&G at 5 from Dec 1990 to the close. Drank with the 206 boys and ran their bar for nearly a year.
  3. Sorry but FRG 6 was he best!! (11 armd), but you are right soest was excellant, still my best posting so far :D
  4. Did FRG33 and Happy Packs at 5. Great times. Slightly burnt out but still smoking.
  5. Did 5 Armd from 90 - 92. Loved it.....showcase Armd Wksp as it was.
    Did FRG33 (The Saints) for the most part, a week in Packs (Sausage Factory), a week in V&G and a month in PP&C.
    It was heaven on earth til a certain Gentleman arrived then it all went pear shaped.
    Does anyone remember that 20 mile CFT? wtf was that all about?
  6. Yep , I remember the 20 mile CFT, what a twat that was. The idea was we were supposed to be able to do 1 one day and another the next day if needed. The reality was the day after the CFT half the workshop was wandering about in trainers like old men. Highlight of the CFT for me was getting cramp in both legs, then overbalancing and ending up in a ditch with various PTI's thinking I'd collapsed with a heart attack or summat. Took some convincing to allow them to let me carry on......
    Major AnTWERP his name was wasn't it? LOL or something similar?
    I did my time with the saints (remember playing a fair bit of one bounce while there) then over to Happy Packs with a breif stop over on Granby with 7 Armd. Let me tell you it was one hell of a shock to go from 5 Armd to 7.....Teddies were thrown. I was glad to get back in one piece, unlike a mate of mine who was shot by his own PC........
  7. Antwerp!! The very same!!
    I remember the good old days of Sharpy. Lovely man and Graham the CSM. Didin't we have it all back then.
    Its always amazed me how a new CO and new RSM in a unit can kill it or cure it.
    Under Sharpy Captain Shrewdy and CSM Pipkins were knobs but on the arrival of Major Antwerp they realised they'd been out-knobbed and tried being human. Too little too late I feared.
    I remember creeping into a certain Liverpudlian storemans room after one Big Ben session with a notorious recy mech called Damage and squeezing immac all over his swede. He was in the bar Saturday afternoon with a woolly hat on. Only then did it dawn what had happened the night before.
    And who can forget Boo Boo selling his BFG fuel coupons to a German to go on the lash in Bavaria then filling the MJ at a service station and driving off without paying?
    Graham's punishment for that?...."What does that brass sign say? WO2 (CSM) G.A.M*******! It should say Boo Boo cos you're in here more than me! Now P*ss off!"
    PD in charge of FRG33. Thats when the rot started. Him and the Bollard. Guilty!
  8. Happy days. I remember Humph, happy packs and my 3 years in FRG33. all the Staff college demo's, visits ti Batus. I bought the Saints t shirts in Banff.

  9. Does anyone remember Vogelsang 1990?
    The pot Ruperts from Cambridge and the German det?
    Dave W the Recy Mech storming across a field screaming "Achtung Bahnhof" before disappearing down a trench.
    Crashing into PD on Papa 1 range and sending a 7.62 whizzing past his ear (If only we'd done a check zero before hand).
    Rick P firing mini flares at us to simulate 66.
    The cabby on the big guns across the lake.
    The Belgique bar for the World Cup Semi Final.
    Comd ES coming on my team for the March and Shoot. After tabbing the first two miles being told "Comd ES would like to break into double time" and getting the answer "Cheers Sir. Tell him to crack on and we'll see him at the range at the end"
    The total and utter failure of the night recce due to raucous belly laughter heard 2 km away at Boo Boo falling down the steep bank and screaming "Oh tits!"
    The German det sacking the final exercise when it started to rain
  10. My room at the end of the hut in Salamanca:

    Paddy H: Alcoholic and world's oldest Cfn
    Tony M: Chef and on remand for indecent exposure at Bad Lippspringe
    Damage: W*nkaholic

    "Welcome to 5 Armd" they said

    "Cheers. I feel so much at home"
  11. Remmber it well mate.
    The officer cadets who tried to 'fit in' by quoting blackadder goes 4th and failed miserably.
    The world cup match against the Germans where they scored a goal to complete silence in the bar, and when we scored one Tommo parading in front of them shaking his fist. We found out later that they DID have loaded weapons......
    We had the boxheads with us for that tab in the rain, they were sacking it left right and centre, Pete their sgt was apoplectic especially when his full screw sacked it. He carried on with us swearing under his breath at the "fnucking Germans"
    How about the section shoot?, the germans did it with much whistle blowing and shouting. I looked across to see the CSM saying "How do we mark 'em on this?, I haven't got a fnucking clue what they're saying!!!"
    Early morning PT with the "Schwartzer Beastie" as the Germans called our PTI?
    Happy Days.
  12. Hey I remember vogelsang.

    The night march to get somewhere, when we got there I had to send 1 guy back as he had lost it totally stood there 100 yard stare...faggot.

    Yea and all the germans cept their sarge binned it cause it was too cold for them ffs...lol.

    The cabby across the lake was great, fired one of them german things that had the kick of slr but in automatic, bruised me shoulder to fcuk.

    And before you all start yes I was a techie.

    Edit. And yes the CSM was ALWAYS in the cpls mess, cheating at pool, he put the balls in with his hand, then said get the beer in. Best CSM I ever had.
  13. 5 Armd rules! Ben,Old "G" and the lovely lady who worked in the deutsche Kantine! Who shat in the 2IC's Hat. All the best and lots of love Taff M.
  14. :p Oh! Stan the man kiss my Butt! Vogelnam was a laugh, but then there was only one German! that was their boss.
  15. Gentlemen

    Its taken me a while to get myself on here, but this thread tempted me. It's Nobby from FRG 33 & latterly Inspections (87 - 90) Boy that was some posting, those trips to Batus in 89 nearly did for me. Yep at my age I am "Slightly burnt out, but still SMOKING".