5.56mm rememberance thread - how do you lace your boots up?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by themaadone, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. I use laces and tie a knot in the end.... what do you do????
  2. I use the genuine SAS laces I bought on EBay which are specially blacked out and have IR treatment so I can't be seen at night

    I then modify my laces by sewing them into my boots
  3. My mum does it.
  4. I can't tie laces yet so I use black an nasty to stop them from coming off. When I run out o' b & n, I find staples work pretty well.
  5. I've heard that proper soldiers cut the cuffs off their combat jackets and sew them onto their socks. I've tried this but I can't get the button fastened. Any advice?
  6. Black n nasty does the trick... cleans mess tins as well and you can mend a tank as well....
  7. Zips! With the (essential for arctic ops) grenade ring pulls taped down to avoid unnecessary noise when on CTR. Zip-its... the way ahead!
  8. I have moded my trousers by sewing the socks to the leg holes, now nothing can get in to my pants.
  9. How can you see them to do them up?
  10. I lace my boots up in a special way, so that when Gurkhas are in the area they can feel my bootlaces and know who I am. Some times I leave messages for them by tieing knots along the lace. A figure of 8 knot for a dash a round hitch for a dot.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I get the local mong to lace mine up & spit shine them for me at the same time!Simply spread the toe cap with Ice Cream & said mong'll lick them clean while doing up the laces!!
  12. *sniff* he's gone
    now the QM thread can get back to normal :)
    i sue combat laces, brought of the web, they are guaranteed to have been in at least 4 warzones.
    Makes me look tough and mean!!!