5.56mm has become a man

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Its_a_troop!!, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. 5.56 welcome back after your time away!
    I have read some of your comments from a while back and to be honest you came across as a bit of a chopper! But on reading your latest posting i found what you said to be fairly mature,interesting and to the point, so well done lad,

    Ps unlucky on mil skills

  2. It was simply a matter of time 5.56, good lad
  3. I will have to agree as well. You came across as a little knobber at first but now with some good and some very mature posts, well done!! Welcome back, next task- Go get your brown wings!!
  4. Thank you guys, you ceartinley have changed me in a good way and i really appreciate that, now ive just got to stop spelling like a mong.
  5. Hello back little man. You be a full metal jacket now right?
  6. 5.56, you have come across as silly at worst, in the past, but you were only young and such was your view on things. I recently read your advice to a supposed adult instructor (I think we all know who) and I have to say that your comments are some of the most mature I have read on this forum. You put a certain instructor to shame and made them look immature. Well done for growing up 5.56, and you have earned my respect and I would imagine the respect of a lot of people on this board.
  7. Who is this 5.56? i've been reading some other posts and the blokes mad. funny though
  8. Welcome to arrse jet_cow_jockstrap_smog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  9. reminds me of my youthful optimism before the weight of the real world crushed my soul and all my dreams.

    RIP soul and dreams

  10. poof :D