5.56mm Bone Question Thread

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by amazing__lobster, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Here ya go mate.

  2. Don’t encourage him :roll:
  3. I take it the schools are on holiday down his way :roll: .

    Anyway. 5.56 tell your mum I said Hi :wink: .
  4. If I hold my breath and count (slowly) to one thousand, will I attain a state of zen like soldierly conciousness?
    Yes my son, focus on the white light, we gods of war eagerly await you on the far side. MWAAH HA HA!
  5. I’ll tell her for you next time I visit, just need to find a spare £50 for the hour :wink:
  6. She's robbing you mate. I pay £10 and that includes a fry up :lol: .
  7. HP sauce included in that?
  8. Of course. None of that Daddies pish.
  9. Damn it, 5.56mm I think we need to have a little chat about your mum…