5.56 Pull-through


Anyone use a purpose made barrel pull-through for the L85?  If so where do you get them from and how much are they?

I am told these things exist and are far better than flannelette.

Cheers ???


Are you F#@**ing mad?
The issue kit is designed for the weapon, if you get some non-issue kit stuck in your barrel or cause damage with it, you can expect a £180 bill from your friendly armourer. (NOT THE ARMS STOREMAN - THE REAL ARMOURER)
Do you use WD40 too?
Lesson: If you don't need it, you won't be issued it. If you think something is useful, use a Gems form and earn £50 rather than risk losing £180 :p
Just because you are an armourer doesn't make you an authority on firearms and thier use, everybody can learn something from other peoples experiences

Just because something isn't in the manual doesn't mean it is useless. It is due to poor kit etc that most blokes buy alot of thier own clothing, sleeping kit, cooking kit etc. some also source thier own weapon cleaning kit, alot of which is supplied by Norma and Tasco etc, all leading companies in the firearms field, all supporting National squad equipment etc

Im not saying throw anything up the barrell nor am I trying to make your job more difficult, but don't knock some of the more skilled shooters and accomplished marksmen who are simply trying to throw light on a subject posed by someone with a clear interest.


"Just because you are an armourer doesn't make you an authority on firearms and thier use, everybody can learn something from other peoples experiences"

Exactly. From my experience people who use non-issue kit to clean weapons can cause damage. F'rinstance I recently cleared a Chain Gun Barrel containing 'blue absorbant pad'  neatly torn to 2"x2". The fellow who put it up the barrel was an experienced shooter.
If it ain't in the cleaning kit, don't use it.
If you think a bit of kit may be useful, put a Gems in and earn £50 even if the idea is turned down.
In this case, the issued barrel brush can be fitted to the pull through to remove heavy carbon deposits.  If you can, put oil down the barrel and let it soak for 30 mins - works wonders.
Simple really 8)
There is plenty of kit in an issue kit that can stuck in a barrell

Unfortunatley being an experienced and accomplished shot doesn't automatically credit you with common sense

On the whole the cleaning kits need improving


Ah the wonderful roll that contains all the rifle cleaning accessories!

It's so out-sized and non foldable that it needs it's own webbing pouch to put it in, they really designed that well.

No wonder people invest in smaller cleaning kits from the US.


nige: since you seem to have a fair idea, what about things as trivual as useing different lubricants like CLP, i find it is much better than the issue stuff (i have no idea what they issue us) in your book is it good practice to use it? if not y not?

Also surly thers no problem with using different pull throus as long as its 5.56?


Use what you're issued.  If through experience / knowledge you find something better, let the system know about it.
I would not reccomend using different lubricants or accessories, since they haven't been trailled. WD40 is very good at cleaning weapons, but if you leave it on your weapon it can cause damage, since it is a penetrating oil, not a lubricating oil. This means it is thinner than LWP and may evaporate in some armouries, leaving the weapon prone to corrosion.
Using non-issue pull throughs could leave you open to damage report action should the item fail in use and get jammed, I'm not saying it will, but it could...


I have always wondered how do armourers clear such things as pull through from barrels?


Burning is very much a last resort.
It is normally possible to 'persuade' stuck items to come out with a variety of tools, ranging from a drill like implement on a rod to gentle taps with a 'tool fine adjusting' and a long thin bar.
Please do not try this at home though!
Trouble with using oil is that it can get soaked into the flannelette and cause it to swell, making the problem worse.

Mr Happy

Sorry, another Q.

Should the gas plug pop-out-bit pop out halfway through extraction of the plug from the, errrr, foresight mount, you know, where it can apparently point down into the barrel how do you get that out.

I've lived in fear of doing that in error since 1993 or something and now I've joined CivDiv I can't experiment.... damn.



Simple solution on the L85A1 - replace the barrel - and raise a Damage Report if required.

I believe the L85A2 Gas Plug can't get stuck, although I'm not 100% on that. I think the plunger on the gas plug is slightly larger now, preventing it 'popping out' in the gas hole.


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Doh-Nut. Good points, well presented. Some dinosaurs could do with using the inside of their cap racks.

Quin_2_ On the pull-through side invest in a "Bore Snake" from any good gunshop. It's the mutt's

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