5.56 or 7.62? - Yanks say 5.56 AR15 best for Zombies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smallbrownprivates, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. If you can kill zombies with old LPs, I assume 5.56mm will be fine.
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  2. More zombie crap. Just smash the telly up and then there's no more zombies. After all, they don't actually exsist in real life.
  3. You've never worked with the RLC have you.
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  4. 7.62mm for zombies, surely
    after all, the SLR was the near perfect anti-zombie rifle

    (is there a prize for getting a mention of that rifle in so early?)
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  5. Done some research into this and discovered that all this zombie concern stems from sad, pathetic people who play electronic game devices way too much. There should be compulsory warnings flash up on the screen saying; "Oi moron, this is only pretend, it isn't real life!"
  6. Base on my experience with 5.56 you really need two head shots to be sure. 7.62 almost always works with one head shot. Of course .50 BMG generally turns zombies head into pink mist leaving no doubt as to the results.
  7. Never had a problem with a shotgun. Malaya rounds best but most will do for Zombies, taxi drivers etc.
  8. Baseball bat......much more fun
  9. Baseball bat? Help a septic understand. I did not think baseball was played in the UK much. My son went to a secondary school in the UK and they had teams for Rugby, Cricket, Squash, Tennis, Football and even Real Tennis but not baseball. In the UK news one reads of assaults with baseball bats, why do people buy them? Is cricket so sacred that you cannot use a bat for a less serious purpose that cricket.
  10. As far as I know its not played very much, but they had loads of baseball bats in Toys R Us last time I was there for some reason. Useful for batting people in the heed and is much more weildy then a cricket bat.
  11. Ah, well that explains it, bought just to hit people. I suppose with no legal handguns in most of the UK the populace might want something for self defence. I just hope they buy good ash bats, these new maple bats just break too often. Of course you could pop over to RoI and pick up a few camáin. Well made of ash.