5.56 L2A1 and L2A2

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wilfred, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. I've tried googling this but I can't find an answer.

    When did the 5.56 L2A2 round come into service and when did the L2A1 stop being issued?
  2. OK, I'll bite.

    What's an L2A1?
  3. Wah?

    What are you on about? L2A2 is a grenade and a L2A1 or 'heavy barrel' FAL
  4. It's many things, as L2 isn't a designation by itself - what word precedes it?

    Do you mean smg L2?
  5. L2A2 is another name for 5.56 SS109 no? I think more than just grenades have that designation mate.
  6. Negligent-Discharge

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    Dingerr... where are you when we need you?
  7. The clue is in the question.
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  8. Ok, I'll try to clairfy it a bit.
    The first issued Cartridge, Ball, L2A1 5.56x45mm is of the US M193 type but made by Radway Green. It was superceded in service by Cartridge, Ball L2A2 5.56x45mm which is of the SS109 type and made by Radway Green.
  9. HE117 may know off the top of his head, otherwise, i will consult A&ERs tonight and see if i can find an answer for you. Out of interest, why do you want to know?
  10. Strange question...

    Why are you asking?

    There are actually at least six types of 5.56 ball in service at the present time.. the main difference being the propellent..

    L2A2 NNN propellent
    L15A1 VH2 propellent
    L15A2 PB2 Ball Powder
    L17A1 MC1 Propellent
    L17A2 NCW E1 Propellent
    L21A1 766 Ball Powder

    I don't have the dates to hand, but I will have a ferret around..

    This, BTW, is the result of:
    1. Trashing the only UK propellent plant.
    2. RG not being man enough for the job, and us buying small arms ammo on the spot market..
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  11. I will need to check, but as I recall the only M193 5.56 made by RG was "Purple Stripe" (experimental) X1E1 for the Marines and THEM who had a buy of M16s in the 70's...

    I will have a look in my archives..
  12. In October 1995 (earliest I’ve got) the Round 5.56 mm Ball L2A1 (SA80) was listed as obsolescent whilst Round 5.56 mm Ball L2A2 (SA80) was current.
    From Puttee's post above it is probable that the L2A1 was relegated to training use shortly after introduction of the L2A2 and was still hanging around but I cannot confirm this.