5.56 Bullet failure

Had a rather interesting experience this evening. I was called out to shoot a marauding dog on the hill, a job I get quite often. Anyway, I took the 5.56 with a combination of 55g Vmax and some FMJ. When I got a chance to take the shot the range was less than 30m and I used the FMJ (actually scenars) as they have shown good results at short range in the past. First shot was on the money but the dog jumped and legged it. Stuck a Vmax in and drilled him at about 80m. On investigation I discovered that the scenar had clipped the upper leg bone and completely failed with no chest penetration whatsoever. Leg bone was still intact with only minor tissue damage around point of impact, in fact there were bits of jacket metal stuck in the skin.

Has anyone else suffered similar failures at short range?
Scenar is NOT designed to expand, despite the hollow nose.
Well not as such, but I had to kill a big old wild cow in the FI, which had lost a hoof to an anti personnel mine. It was very mobile even on three legs and was part of a herd dominated by a big old red steer. He kept his little herd away from me and kept minefields between when he could (they were all fenced by then).

Eventually after following the buggers for several hours without getting close enough for a clean kill, I tried to lung shoot the cow from about 300 metres, to slow it down so I could get close enough for the kill.

In all I hit it 9 times with 7.62 rounds from a folding stock Argie FN, before it stopped running. Bizarrely, as I approached the now motionless cow for the kill, it turned towards me and put its head down and I killed it with a shot to the brain.
i'v had .223 (5.56mm) surface vaporise sometimes on animals at close range that ended up with a messy kill, it seemed to happen with the lighter projectiles, going from 52/55 gn to 63 gn stopped it and gave me more sure and cleaner kills, i honestly have no real idea why the lighter projies were catastrophically failing, all i can think off was that they were shredding due to too much velocity for a light pill at close range.

try a heavier projie, all i can suggest.
Yes, I know that. I did not want expansion, I wanted precision.
And look where that got you :)

I've been with stalkers who have shot deer at 300 metres with scenar and it has blown them all to shit. Others have gone through with little perceptable expansion. They are very unreliable for expansion.

It's a shit task, so I sympathise, but you need to sort an accurate load with expanding ammunition.
Aye, all culling is pretty shit to be honest. The scenars have worked well in the past. I normally use Vmax on animals that size as a boiler room hit tends to nail them, however I have had several Vmax failures in the past so I never use them at short range.
Interestingly, one of the vmax failures was 50cm from the muzzle when the pill hit a blade of grass: scared the shit out of me when a gray cloud appeared in front of the muzzle.
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