5.11 Tactical RUSH 72 Daysack

Has anybody used the above on Ops?

Looks like a good alternative to Blackhawk or the Camelbak Motherlode, but I'm intrigued to know if it is as durable? Will it last more than 5 minutes on Herrick? Particularly as it seems reasonably priced.

Mine did Herrick with no dramas and is still going strong. If you do get it sew the sternum strap on as one side is loose and can be lost. I used the sternum strap to stop the shoulder straps slipping. It can be washed at EOT but don't let the choogies put it in the drier as the foam shrinks. Still going strong now but won't be going again as it is brown.

Cheers for the feedback. It was the review that made me start this thread as it certainly looks and sounds good, I presume all zips and buckles performed well?

Any drawbacks at all?

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