5.11 Muscle Mapping Base Layer - 4 x Medium 2 x XL

{In Cockney accent}

Roll up, roll up!

I picked up a batch of 5.11 t-shirts from a liquidation sale. These are whats left.

I have:
4 x Medium in OD will fit a 40 inch chest
2 x XL in OD - 48 inch chest

All brand new and sealed like a virgin!


Now in the shops these will set you back nigh on £34.99

I'm not asking £34.99
I'm not even asking £24.99
I'm not even going to ask a score

I'm asking £15.99 each plus P&P 8)

It's coming up for Christmas so get your PTI some thing sexy to wear while he makes you breath out of your hoop!
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