5.11 HRT Snipers Watch Update

Firstly thanks to those who have been buying this watch, we have sold out 3 times since the new year. Unfortunately we have had to increase our price as 5.11 have increased the trade price by US$50 per watch. It seems that it has really taken off in the USA and they are aware of this watches growing popularity worldwide with military and police snipers and in the UK with units such as SO19.

We have tried to absorbe some of the cost but still have to sell at a profit which makes it worthwhile bringing into the country.

Our policy of giving first refusal to military and police still holds as we get 4 or 5 enquiries from guys in the City for every genuine enquiry, though why anyone would want to spend over £200 on a watch they wern't going to use the main functions of beats me (or not :lol: )

If you want to get more info on this watch, see the online flash demo or read about Nigel Greenaway (5 times National Rifle Champion) who uses this watch, supplied by us, then Click Here

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