5.11 HRT Snipers Watch back in stock

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. I thought a snipers watch could only be read at 1500m if you are lying in a hole with a bergan full of your own poo wrapped in clingfilm.

    Ah well.
  2. Thank Gawd its not just me. I was moved to read the blah on the watch and realised that, for a techno-mong like me, by the time I'd tapped in the data and persuaded the watch to work, the target would not only have moved but would have probably terminated his service after 22........
  3. Your right guys, by the time you got your stones into your catapults the Gauls would have moved against Rome :lol:

    Once setup the watch is very quick to use, provided of course you stick to the same rifle and ammo. I know that they have been bought serving snipers and by Police firearms teams.

    And of course it is the Ultimate Walt watch :lol:
  4. I checked the blurb on this watch, but I must have missed something: Does it tell the time?
  5. Why does a sniper on Hormone Replacement Therapy need one of these?
  6. Yep it tells the time as well - bonus or what :lol:
  7. Because her mind is so confused with the HRT she needs a watch to calculate the shot :lol:
  8. How many snipers can shoot from 100m underwater at 1000m and achieve a kill???????
  9. Useful if you are SBS or a SEAL and don't have CrabAir to drop you in from above.
  10. Just read the blurb, wouldn't it be easier and quicker to do the snipers course than to read the manual and put all the calculations in?

    Does it print you an alibi when you've shot someone?

  11. The manual is only a few pages thick, compared to a Casio or Suunto it is easy to setup. If you have the data available (asuming you would have if you bought the watch) then setup takes 4 or 5 minutes. After that it is only a few seconds to add the data needed in the field.

    We have sold several of these to Russian customers who seem to manage the manual OK :D
  12. Do you have any 6.11 FAT Loggie Watches, specially made to protect them from egg banjo drippings.

    What about 4.11 PMT Ladies Watches, it tells them that 'special time' when to scream and shout at you for no apparent reason.

    I am sure there are some others out there...
  13. Sorry, sold out of both before Christmas. We do have the '9.11 George Galloway Commemorative Edition' This really p1sses the Yanks off, has the complete works of Marx on a small chip inside, uses oil for power and has software that can calculate the rate at which he is shafting the people who elected him :lol: