5.1 Sound Card for Laptop? HELP!

Right, first off I’m a bit of an IT mong so be gentle.

I’ve got a laptop and want to know if I can get a 5.1 sound card for it.

From what I gather this can be plugged in to the card sloty thingy at the side.

I splurged out on a Logitech 5.1 X-540 system in a moment of madness at one point so the system is running off the headphone jack at the moment but the crackle from the rear speakers when watching films is starting to pee me off.

I assume this is because the system is having to use the ‘matrix’ button as opposed to getting all the info from the computer/soundcard.

The system has three plugs which are all supposed to be used.

Now, question for all you informed, high tech chappies is;

What would you recommend?

I see ‘Creative’ is mentioned quite a lot.

PC card slot is 54mm, I know because I measured it with the diameter of my bell-end.

Cheers T_B_B
I believe the best solution on the market is the Soundblaster X-FI extreme audio Notebook. but it comes in 2 bits. The actual PMCIA Card is the actual sound card and can be picked up in lots of places for around £50. The link below is the actual Creative one (but they Charge £60)

But you then need the optional speaker docking module, which seems harder to find. However even from Creative direct, its only £26.99, so your total price should be around £80. Here is the Speaker docuking module link

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