Discussion in 'Infantry' started by loggie-boy, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. You can probably guess from my moniker which bit of the TA I'm currently in. I'm a bit bogged down in my current role however, and am looking for a fresh challenge. Is there anybody out there who has been/is in or has worked with 4 Yorks and can let me know what the unit is like. I was in the Infantry before and quite fancy a bit more of the green stuff.
    I'd be particularly interested in anyone who some experience of the anti-tank platoon. Cheers.
  2. I was in what is now 2 Yorks and know people who served in various 4 Yorks previous incarnations. It is a good unit with a very strong identity and set of regular battalions who offer up some very good PSI's. Stacks of opportunities to deploy (yeah, no kidding!) should you want to.

    Get in touch with Regt HQ in York.

    4 YORKS RT
    Territorial Army Infantry and Officer

    4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, URWESO, Worsley Barracks, Fulford Road, YORK, YO10 4EB
    01904 668 070
    Fax: 668 026
    Captain D Shakesby:
  3. Yorkistman, thanks for your opinions and info. I'll probably drop them a line.
  4. got a mate in 4 yorks in the gun platoon loves every second of it
  5. I'm in 4 Yorks mate, if I can help at all give me a shout