Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Soily, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Anybody currently serving with 4YORKS or worked closely with them in the past? What are they like as an Infantry battalion?
    I am currently serving in RLC (TA) as a driver, but fed up with it, still young (ish) 23 and have a decent fitness (10mins mile and half).

    Thank You
  2. I'm with 4yorks - from my experience it's a great bunch of guys with top notch training. I couldn't reccomend them more really. Transfer!
  3. Got a a mate in 4Yorks and loves it...currently on his 4th tour at the moment! i was gonna join but going regs now!
  4. Ok cheers for that, been giving it alot of thought. But as per usual for any unit I am getting mixed reports of them as a Bn.

    Anybody else out there serving with them and care to share their thoughts?

    Or even better anybody out there from another unit worked with them and what are their veiws on them as an outsider?

  5. 4 Yorks are a good Bn, I'm biased as I'm it's my unit.

    Are you with 150 tpt regiment? Were you on that Force Protection Ex at the back end of last year?

    We get alot of overseas training, plenty of tours, and plenty of training. You'd just need to do your two week CIC should you transfer.

    Anymore questions feel free to PM me.

  6. I'm their Trg Officer feel free to PM me
  7. Agree with everybody here, spot on Inf Bn. The Norths premier Infantry Regiment, done loads and been everywhere with them.

    Do it and you'll never look back!
  8. Give yourself a challenge and go airborne at 4 PARA. Go to www.4para.co.uk for more information.