4x4s to get hit with road tax increase

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Once_a_Grey...., Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. It’s rumoured that Mr G Broon is going to hit 4x4s with extra road tax in the Budget on Wednesday because they are ‘gas guzzlers’. Have I got this right?

    4x4s use more fuel than smaller cars; they are more expensive to buy and presumably more expensive to maintain. Therefore, the people who drive them can afford them now.

    If he does raise the road tax, the people who drive them now will still be able to afford them and will continue to drive them.

    So, what will he achieve: not one single 4x4 being taken off the road but more tax to sustain the Bliar Empire and another ‘not so stealthy’ tax to be added to the list.

    That means that Broon is in a win, win situation. He gets the same fuel tax and VAT plus more road tax and he can claim the Green Vote.
  2. If it was the same report I read at the weekend the increase would be so negligible and propably confirm your assessment of the situation.
  3. I thought it was just urban 4x4 drivers they were hitting?

    They'd better not be applying it to those of us in the countryisde. They aren't, are they?
  4. Mmmmmmmmm, as a 4x4 owner I'm not too happy about this one, but I'm going to hold my tongue untill we get a bit more input.....
  5. If as per weekend papers. Fifty quid a year on the running costs is neither here or there. And you know it is going to a good cause ;).

    (I have one myself).

  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  7. 4x4 owners have been through hoops trying to fight this one. The whole concept is basically flawed and is just another way for the fat w@nker to squeeze even more money out of the over-taxed british public. He wont get my Disco till he pries my cold dead fingers off the steering wheel, and our lass isnt going to give hers up either...............

    Bawlicks to the fat cnut.
  8. Why not just put it on fuel - the more you guzzle the more you pay?

    People can't complain about 4x4's in our towns and cities, the state of the roads means you do need a good off road motor so you don't bottom out on some poorly maintained road.

    How about putting some more of the money paid by motorists/commuters back into the transport system?

  9. Wonder how he's going to define a 4X4? Does this mean the owners of little Audi saloons are going to get hit too?
  10. Dont bother to tax mine anyway.........
    Disc expired in 2004
  11. 4 x 4 drivers are just the scapegoat. I have a 4 x 4 and very rarely drive it, as I cycle to work, except when I go on holidays or exploring. What about all these arrseholes who drive just a few miles up the road to school/work?

    I was caught in snow once and a little girl came on the radio, they were putting listeners on the air to tell all (basically whinge) about how bad the roads were, she told all how the trip from school to home normally only took 10 mins but had taken longer. I thought to myself why not walk then?

    Of course if you drive a small car small distances you can't be bad, after all it isn't as if your engine is cold and thus burns more fuel and less efficiently or anything, not to mention the wear and tear on the engine and of course the wear on the batteries.

    I drive a 4x4 because I enjoy driving it both on and off road, and it is ideal for packing the kit needed for long trips and for all sorts of other things.

    I am begining to really hate living in this country now. With all the taxes and charges.... grrr
  12. Mmmmm, more anti the idea than pro, thats not what I was expecting to be honest. And none of this environmental rubbish either, whats up with you lot, most of the time folk cant wait to bash 4x4 drivers..................
  13. But bashing the Government is so much more fun....
  14. dundrillin wrote:
    Good point. You get 4x4 panda, skodas, VW station wagons. On the otherhand a couple of grand to Dormobile will get you a camper van that just happens to be based on a 4x4 chassis.


    Do they still have to pay the 4x4 tax? Hope not, they're great for camping in!!!!
  15. Why "good" ? - My 14 year old Landrover and a couple of other 4x4s in the village were the only vehicles able to move at home last weekend. 18 inches of snow and no sign of a council gritter till nearly 5pm Sunday.

    A couple of points for the greenies

    1. My vehicle would run very nicely on eco-diesel made from recycled chip fat or veg oil if it was there in the market to buy. That would be an effective "no change" to the CO2 cycle rather than using "fossil" fuels. Target the fuel companies not the drivers !

    2. I could get a more fuel efficient vehicle - though my LR does 28mpg which is not bad - but it would cause FAR more environmental damage in building that new vehicle than it will to run mine for donkeys years, replacing a few worn out parts now and then.

    3. Mine works hard for a living. Its not a "Chelsea tractor" posing in the streets, its a farm vehicle that pulls trailers etc etc. Why should I pay extra tax ?

    This whole attack on 4x4s is a nonsense for political purposes. If you really want to save wasted energy lets turn off all those townie street lights, blazing away at 3am when people should be tucked up in bed ! Anyone ever worked out how much energy that consumes ?