4x4 vehicles, the fountain of all evil?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldBaBoon, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. Humour me by casting your mind back just a few weeks, Before this laughable little snow flurry hit the UK .....at a time before national hysteria/siberian winters and the new Ice age dominated the headlines.

    It was the official line that people who drove 4 x 4 vehicles were quite simply the root of all evil.

    There was no distinction between those that used them as intended or required them for transport in the areas they lived in, or needed them for work......against those muppets who drove them as a status symbol.( Im thinking Chelsea Tractor drivers here )

    Eco-loons vandalising 4x4's, Government levies/tax on them and proposed increased for the congestion charge for using them etc.....It was the in-thing to penalise the vehicle and belittle the owner.

    Now in the middle of our " Siberian Winter " we have numerous stories of people organising the use of their privately owned 4x4's to deliver meals on wheels...enabling house calls from nurses and doctors....recovering stranded motorists...lending vehicles to enable pregnent women to get to hospital...towing ambulances with stricken patients then returning to ferry transplant organs to the hospital...etc ..etc


    Do you reckon these eco-loons feel any kind of guilt for their rabid outpourings, or some government busy-body regretting their fanatic actions?...maybe even thinking " hell, it does appear that these vehicles are essential out in the boondocks...lets give them an easier time "

    I do not own a car, only a motorbike.Been using a borrowed one off me Dad for the past few weeks, so I am not a 4x4 fanboy by the way.
  2. Most people with 4x4s use them as a status symbol - they don't need them. I suspect that most people who have used their 4x4s to assist have been the people who need them - those who don't need them won't have been using them, regardless of their vehicle's traction. I've seen plenty parked up, covered with snow, not used since the first snow fell.

    4x4s have their place in society, but my belief is that they should be registered as either an agricultural/construction vehicle (subject to justification) with perks such as red diesel and lower taxes or as a luxury car (subject to higher taxation). Regardless of registration, I'd subject them to the same motorway criteria as HGVs because you generally can't "see through" them. (The same would apply to van-derived vans and car-derived vans with blanked out rear windows or bulkheads).

    But the target of my displeasure would really be 2x1 vehicles. Useless in the rain, useless in the snow and ice, noisy, driven by idiots (apologies to the two sensible riders that I've seen in the last 35 years). And the legislative attitude to them is all wrong. Instead of a single miniscule number plate on the rear, surround the thing with number plates with letters a foot high - and if it's found exceeding the speed limit, going the wrong way down a one-way street, driving on footpaths, causing a hazard to oncoming traffic, falls over or keeps revving its engine at traffic lights, crush the fcuker. Preferably with the operator.

    Anything else you'd like advice on?
  3. And that annoys the real 4x4 community as much as anybody else!
  4. You're just jealous cos we get all the dirty girls in leather mini skirts.
  5. In my experience the vehicles out on the roads assisting stuck drivers, getting doctors to hospitals etc on the whole tend to be four wheel drive enthusiasts who like testing their driving skills in all weathers, and being useful whilst they do it. Around here there have been Landrovers, Discos, the odd Shogun, Nissan Patrol and Jeep, and all I saw were more than 5 years old! The old 300 Diesel seems a favourite.

    I did not see one "new" four wheel drive on the road, all parked up in their cosy little drives covered in snow. None out with the one hand on the wheel, one on the phone and the other marshalling kids or the dog (was that 3 hands?)

    So basically I've not changed my views, except perhaps to say that at 5 years old, the 4 wheel drives should be dropped back into ordinary tax brackets!

    Sorry, there was one! Three year old Rangey, revving to about 4500 try to get his wheels to grip on ice under an inch of snow! I couldn't resist driving the old 2 wheel drive Merc alongside (a pig of a car in the ice, I might add!), and asking if he needed some help.
  6. I can believe it. A couple of days before Xmas, I was in the position where I was helping to push a Freelander out of the railway station car park because the driver couldn't get traction on the ice. :? I had no difficulty with my 4x2... The next one that was stuck was a Land Cruiser.

    If they can't drive them, why do they buy them? And these drivers weren't even women!
  7. The Freelander that I have the displeasure of driving from time to time, Is truly a god awful vehicle, that, there are no words with how to describe my hate for it.

    Central to my hatred is what I can only describe as an appalling gearbox, which is an ass to use when trying to drive smoothly, has no low range speed, and no way of disengaging all wheel drive, merrily burning fuel on motorways.

    I want to watch it die. Obviously without me in the drivers seat...
  8. Indeed. Land Rover owners are a slightly different breed to most brands of 4x4s, and seriously, Defender owners do not like watching Defenders get towed because they're driven by a bloke with a dog and a kid who was getting the shopping, thinking that by driving a Defender with alloy wheels and sparkly paint people will think he's a rich bloke with some land.

    It's double annoying when they have the full scale snorkel, winch, grilles over EVERYTHING, lights all over the place and all that... and they get stuck. Especially because they look down on you, expecting you to think they're some hardcore offroad explorer, when actually it's the other way round, and you spend 10 minutes prepping your fairly stock-looking wagon for a day on a pay and play, rather than covering it in accessories and driving round all the time like we live in Outer Mongolia during the monsoon season and you might need to winch yourself out of the pub car park or use all 8 of your spotlights to help you see on the M4.


    and yes, the Freelander is SHITE

    It is not a Land Rover. It just carries the badge. It's as much a Land Rover as this is a Ferrari.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Traditional crap british build quality though :D

    Agree with you when I see Landrovers equiped for the camel trphy stuck in car parks it winds me up
    I like to wind a couple of idiots I work with who've jacked up there Discovery's like monster tryucks and stuck all the crap on by refering to them as 4 wheel drive sherpas
    They get most upset
  10. Well clearly your 4x4 community isn't doing enough to out the 4x4 walts. Get a waltenkommando-esque operation up and running and start abusing them on the internet!
  11. I want a Unimog :lol:
  12. My Land~Rover hasn't got stuck anywhere. Perhaps because it has proper tyres on it. Rescued an MX5 one day.

    Going by some people's criteria above my friend should pay more tax for her Audi TT or run it on red diesel. I suppose she'd be happy with the latter. It would be quite good in snow with some narrow tyres with a good shoulder lug on them! ;)

    Can I have reduced duty petrol for my 1955 Land Rover?
  13. This advert says it all Linky
  14. I presume you are having a laugh arnt you? Live in a city by any chance?

    I ran (until this winter..d'oh!) a Discovery because I needed one. I am not a farmer, I am not a construction worker, but I do keep chickens :) It was needed because I live in the Highlands, my nearest neighbour is 2 miles away and my nearest "town" is 6 miles away.

    I got rid of mine due to mounting running costs and because I was fed up with the comments from folk, and bought an "Eco car". So, my drive to work since around the 15th of December has been extremely dangerous. I was not able to leave my house and get food for 6 days as I had around 14 inches of snow. I still have to park the car around 3/4 of a mile from my house as I can't get up the hill.

    I have a 2 x Defenders in the barn that I am rebuilding...they will be on the road for winter and f@ck what others say!

    As for X3/X5/X6/Tourag/Merc/XC90 drivers...I hate them with a passion! They are the ones that are normally laying on there sides in icey weather as they have no understanding of 4 wheel drive and how to drive in bad weather.
  15. Funny but the truth is a little different in my experience. Had a fleet of brand new Toymota hi lux pick ups on location in Ireland. Absolute bag of sh t. No power, couldn't pull itself out of bed. Clutch gave up on one within 2000 miles from new.

    Dealership wouldn't do any warranty work on it, ended up doing it ourselves. Fecking awful thing to work on.

    Aside from that it was VERY cramped inside, had a very high load bed, crap tyres, antique suspension, gutless...... I wouldn't bother with one.

    The car in front is a Toymota..... Why doesn't he get out of the f ckin way?!