4WD....Freelander or other?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Banker, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Morning all,

    Doris is looking for a smallish 4WD. Has her sights on a Freelander (ewwww.....). Are they any good or should she be looking for something else.

    I'm clueless on this stuff, so advice appreciated.
  2. What do you want it to do?

    Freelander 2's aren't bad, the originals are horrific but the 2's are a reasonable car, they aren't really small though. They are close to the size of a Range Rover classic.
    The Suzuki Grand Vitara's are pretty good and at least have a proper gearbox.
  3. How much do you want to pay?

    £25k + will buy you street/country cred in the form of a Defender 90. This is obviously a 110:

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  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Anything but a Freelander; a friend had one, and it gave him constant trouble - and judging from what the garage told him, he was not alone in that respect (this is the Maint people, not the sales team of course). Plus it's not a 'real' 4x4 as regards sturdiness, or the ability to actually leave the road for any serious reason.
  5. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Yep the freelander 1 was horrific up to the intervention of BMW. if you want a second hand one then go for the facelift model with the TD4 engine, 2006/7 onwards. They are very capable and you can get a reasonable amount of gear in. The Freelander 2 is a bit pricey and is as mentioned nearly the size of a Rangey. For a new one there are much better options for the same money. Mrs W_C just traded in her 56 plate TD4 for a new Mitsubishi ASX3, just as capable and about £6k cheaper, they also do a 4x4 version but scrub the £6k saving, the 2wd version was an excellent performer in all the snow we had.
  6. Freelander 1:


    Do not buy petrol variants, they are fitted with the pesky rover K series engine which blows head gaskets for a hobby.

    Diesels can be good, but underpowered unless you find a TD4 with low miles.

    Water in the passenger footwell = usually a leaking about to go heater matrix.

    Wet roof lining or signs of damp (usually collects in the small locker in the boot) = leaky sunroof or roof rail mounts.


    Diesel TD's are capable of 35 ish to the gallon if you are a relaxed driver. One of the better MPG's available for a 4WD.

    5 door version quite spacy for 2.4kids and dog, still has a reasonable boot.

    Spares readily available from scrapper.

    Pre 2001 reg freelanders are on the standard tax rate.

    An alternative to think about for the missus if she does not expect to go far off road is the Suzuki Jimny, small, cheap, cheerful and reliable.
  7. I've been poking around a KIA Sorento, Kinda mid sized 4x4, seem well put together, quite good off road, large bootspace, proper low range, and looks quite smart. The 7 yr warranty is pretty good aswell, start at about £6k upwards
  8. Now look here, Banker lives in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; you can't expect him to be seen parking an Oriental motorcar in that part of town.

    It's impossible to advise as he hasn't mentioned budget but assuming his bonus is safe it should be a Defender 90 - TD5 onwards.
  9. My choice would be a 110 SVX, could only afford that on my gratuity though, Mrs DZ hates em, she's upgrading to a 4WD in the summer ready for next winter, I'm well into 4x4 so hope I can get to pick, she said she liked the original Santa Fe.......urrrrrgh! No chance, looks like a melted jelly mould!
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My unit went on exercise to France a little while back and we had to use hired 4x4s. Unfortunately the bit in the message about big soldierly trucks was lost in translation and when we turned up to the rental office they had 5 brand new VW Tiguans (The baby version of the Toureg) waiting for us.

    First impressions where that it looked like a mutated golf and drove like one. After a few days they grew on us and performed very well on and offroad. Not a great sized boot, although I suppose they aren't designed to carry 4 sets of webbing and rifles. Basically we ragged the **** out of them for 2 weeks and treated them as only a squaddy can and they didn't have any problems at all.

    The interior seemed particularly sturdy given the fact that we were piling in and out of them covered in mud etc. Prince Michael of Kent came to visit us during the exercise and the cars were just as at home chauffeuring him and his entourage about as they were driving through muddy streams and rivers.

    Based on my experiences with them, I will definitely be getting one for the wife when the time comes for a second car.
  11. Yeh but Defenders aren't for everybody, either people who need their abilities or people who idolise Ray Mears.
    Defenders are all now fitted with the TDCi Transit engine and its horrible. Goes well but horrendous on fuel and unreliable. Shockingly expensive to fix too. If going for a Defender your best with a TD5, pref post 2001.
  12. Well my preference was for my V8 Range Rover HSE - mid 90's ugly, loud, shite on fuel but it was great off road and beat all the crappy XR3's away from the lights by a massive margin.

    heres to 'Diff Break' Hill :cheers:
  13. The 'new' Freelander is an excellent vehicle, I recently had a 2.2 diesel job as my 'company car. Don't get the girls' version with automatic transmission. Speak to Landrover and they might send you on a 4x4 driving experience day - I went to one in Honiton: fascinating and great fun! Sadly changed jobs and had to leave the Freeloader behind. My only critisms were:
    No MP3 socket for iPods etc on the radio.
    Tiny boot!
    It's as aerodynamic as a broken brick so at speeds of over 50 mph, it drinks the juice.
    Other than that, I miss it, to be honest. Lovely to drive (felt like a big car not a tractor) with lots of (excepting the boot) space for folk inside.
  14. Freelanders are mongmobiles!! A friend in the next village has one, 3 years old - nothing but trouble. Last six months it has had the clutch replaced, new exhaust and "cat", a radiator and a mass of welding (more holes than a secondhand dartboard) - it's a shit heap. Wouldn't pull a black man off your mother. Offered to take it to Mccay D's then fire-bomb it and the grotty fast-food shed. Still waiting for an answer.
  15. :biggrin: Managed to break the diff in the TD5 Discovery in exactly the same manner 18 months ago. Balanced on 3 wheels with no drive at all

    Seriously considering going back to a 3.9 classic, I miss having a V8.....