4th week of initial training - Belgium?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Firthy556, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Having a nose over the mod website I found something I had not heard before.


    Go to the images and go to image 4 and it says about a trip to belgium to see WW1 war memorials.

    Is this still done? As I had not heard of it until now and am actually now looking forward to it.
  2. i believe it is still done.
  3. Well for the Combat Infantryman's Course you go to either Belgium or France for realities of war, but I believe its towards the end of training.
  4. You come through the entire selection process and haven't heard of this? OK.

    Yes. It is still done and I remember it as a nice relaxing weekend. No, you won't need a passport. Yes, you need an EHIC and no, you will probably not get to have a lads night out on the piss in belgium.

    I think I've answered all your questions.
  5. It is still done - the last Arrse tour saw them at the Menin Gate.
  6. The information for most of the stuff you need it on the army jobs website this was on the normal army mod site.
  7. I'd look forward to this too...

    Can't imagine what it would of been like so will be nice to go and see. Always wanted to goto Normandy as well
  8. Iv been to the menin gate and to the D-Day beaches. My great grandfather served in WW1 and a few great uncles in ww2 so wanted to have a gander at where they went. Well worth it and im looking forward to this part of basic when i eventually get to basic :)
  9. i've been to the Thiepval memorial and also to the battlefields, I can understand why they still do it, and at the battlefields you could still see all the craters etc from explosions next to the trenches nobody quite knew what to say.
  10. True. took my nan as a present. so we could get a feel for the ordeal her dad went through. was moving indeed. yet somehow inspirational.
  11. Yeah they still do the battlefield tour, its luck of the draw where you go to though, half the intake will go to Belgium and the others to France, like the Somme and stuff, good laugh and they give you a nice lie in in the morning :) if you got a good corporal and your all on good behaviour they would usually let you have a few beers at the hotel, that said you still get crafty ones buying drink behind the staff's backs and bringing it into their rooms.
  12. i remember doing the Battlefields tour back in 6th Form History. Such a moving visit, going to Menin Gate and watching the ceremony, Ypres, the Somme etc. Will definatly look forward to this when in basic.
  13. Battlefield tour at Pirbright is end of week 5. Or was a not too long a time ago.
  14. does anybody know if they've binned adventure training in wales from pirbright yet? ive heard rumours they are getting rid of it :(
  15. I did the Yser March a couple of times in the 80's. Thousands of NATO squaddies, ex squaddies, ex Foreign Legion, civilians etc doing a 4 day, 32km a day walk around the old battlefields and war graves round Diksmuide, Ypres, Trenches of Death etc etc in late August.

    You finish up at the Menin Gate where, sadly, you are just about guaranteed to find your surname.

    The entire route gets very dusty. :cry: