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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by THE_EDITOR, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Folks I am doing a little historical research - Can anyone tell me if the Batterys in 7 RHA used to be the Batterys in 4th Regiment and visa versa and why the swop happened.


  2. i don't think so but will need to do some digging
  3. Ed,

    Are you confusing this with when 4th Regt supported 5 AB Bde in the 80s (Falkland Conflict for example)?


  4. Going off that last post

    "In 1961 4th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery became 4th Regiment Royal Artillery, losing F (Sphinx), G (Mercers Troop) and I (Bulls Troop) to 33rd Parachute Light Regiment Royal Artillery, which immediately became 7th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. 4th Regiment Royal Artillery gained 29 (Corunna), 88 (Arracan) and 97 (Lawson’s Company) as its gun batteries and was posted to Hong Kong"

    Which is a bit wierd as thats pretty much all the Btys in the regt swapped over, I really can't see why they bothered swapping round
  5. That does sound a bit daft but then its the army and they do these things on purpose I'm sure just to keep you confused.

  6. Welly,

    That will have been the RHA factor, giving 7 lettered RHA Btys and giving 4 Regt the flatty btys.


  7. Yes I know that, the question is why turn a RHA Regt into a RA regt and post the Lettered RHA Btys to a RA Regt and turn that into a RHA Regt ? It just seems daft thats all, I am sure (or at least hope) that there was a good reason

    Also there are lettered RA Btys (Q, P and K for example)
  8. Of course, the Lettered non-RHA batteries, used to be RHA, and I'm willing to bet that brought on the agony when they converted to RA!
  9. Hmmm K Shiny Bty,good memories.Weren't 4 at Aldershot sometime in the 70's with a Bty/Bty's in the Para role?
  10. Folks this is all great - thank you

    I must admit I am confused though - why didnt 4th just stay RHA and re-role to para ?
  11. I think 4th arms-plotted to Germany. I also think the whole thing took place around a defence review with force reductions and the changes guaranteed the survival of another RHA titled regt. Also the light role was seen as being more historically linked to the RHA, hence light guns and Abbots. It was about the same time that 2nd lost their RHA cypher, but they also retained L, N and O Btys. I am sure there would have been much soul-searching at the time and changes will have been made for logical reasons.


  12. The change from 33 to 7 in 1961 coincided with the end of national service (the last NS were discharged in 62), so the actual number of guys affected may not have been large. Whether this was just a 're-badging' of existing batteries and the guys in them at the time is unclear, but I'd guess this is what happened, but perhaps regs in 4 were given first choice to volunteer for 7. 4 RA were given the compensation of a posting to the delights of HK for 3 yrs, returned to UK and then in early 65 got themselves a 9 month or so unaccompanied tour to Borneo.
  13. Also there are lettered RA Btys (Q, P and K for example) Surely you mean K,P and Q. seniority. It was alway confusing with 5 regiment when K battery were the Papa Bty not P battery.
  14. More so when 18Bty joind 5 Regt from 42 and became senior Bty.