4th Regiment

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Heavy_Lift, Dec 20, 2002.

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  1. A friend of mine (non AAC and without the wherewithall to access this site) is about to be posted to 4th Regiment.

    Any information, good or bad, will be gratefully received.

    ;D ;D ;D
  2. Hope he likes the sand
  3. Wrong answer Pash, they went last time it is 3's turn this time, oh good i get to go again!!!!!!!
  4. 4 Wegt is a wealy gweat place to be, its wed and gween for me.  Thewe awe lots of things for young thwusting Soldiews to do, and yes the CO dose not know how to us the lettew W,W,W I meen W, of **** it the one thats aftew Q and befowe S. So come to 4 Wegt you bwing the Cake, cause we sure do have the Awse! :-/
  5. Can I just add and say, it's not 4th Regiment.  It's 4 Regiment AAC.  What's 4th Regiment?  4th Regiment Air Defence?  4th Regiment Foot and Mouth??

    Sorry, just like to see Regts and Corps titled correctly.  Yes, I'm a bored.

    Rant over.   :mad:
  6. east-det bar now.......... :eek: :eek: ;D
  7. You are right Biggles, it is 3's turn but they ain't going nowhere without another 260 able-bodied men from next door....and that's just about all of us. So, I'll see you there again. ;D