4th regiment Royal Artillery

Starting basic in October and I’m joining the RA.
I’ve been told I should start thinking/searching about what regiment id like to join, seeing as my intent on joining was to work with the L118 light gun there’s limited options for regiments. As far as I’m aware the only regular reg that’s equipped with the light gun and not para or commando is the 4th reg? But on their page they say they recruit from northeast areas. What’s the likelihood of them recruiting outside of that area?


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RHA officers have higher tailor's bills. More seriously RHA has a bit of a dash but all Gunners are brothers. Remember there are only two types of people on the battlefield ,Gunners and targets !
I don’t think recruiting areas will be a problem. Regiments have areas to which they are affiliated but in practice they take people from anywhere


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If you have to go with the light gun, go 4.

admittedly I spent more time with 4 (was never posted to 3 but met many of them for various reasons) and did a tour with 4.
I spent 18 months attached to 4th. Great bunch of lads, most are from the NE but they do have some outsiders!

Pretty savage PT though, but the CO at the time was a phys nut.

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