4th Para Sqn RE WW2 Diary

I found this 4th Para Sqn RE when browsing through local History here in Lincolnshire.

It's a fascinating insight into how the Sapper Para's came about and what they did and how they did it.

They were in a grey area as to how to do a Para role as they were the first.

It's not just an Orficers diary but comments from Sappers who were there and sadly mostly gone now.

The History comes across as really up to date, delete and insert the old equipment for the modern day and you will find that us Sappers were the same then as we aRE now.

Thanks to 28Chatsworth for putting the site together.
been to Oosterbeek, very humbling.
Further Reading:
Hardback book

Harry Faulkner-Brown tells how he has been trained by Durham Light Infantry. As a captain of the Parachute Troop RE, he jumps on Ginkel Heath, he supports 156 Parachute Battalion "

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