4th July

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. Happy Birthday Rebel Scum.

    You may return to the bosom of the Empire when ready :D
  2. Thanks so much PTP! :roll:

    But we are like the BORG and resistance is useless.

    Come over to dark side. You all are always welcome! :wink:
  3. Never, never, never!!!!!!

    But nice try Roxy. You lezzer. Happy birthday.
  4. Only for you Dale my babylove! :wink:
  5. Put your tits away. It's making me horny. he he he
  6. GCO - the emoticons are not working.
  7. Well PTP did mention bosom of the empire. I really don't think I need that Dale. :twisted:
  8. Gado holds the England record. You could try for Bermuda's Biggest Norks??????
  9. Already won that title and it came with a lovely tiara too! :wink:
  10. Was it a tiara?

    Or a pearl necklace?
  11. Did you know that oysters are an aphrodisiac? :twisted:
  12. Are Oysters molluscs?

    If so,

    OoOohhhh say can you seeeeee........

    Tra la la la la la

    tra la la

    la la la
    la la la la la la

    etc to finish.

    Only for you.
  13. So have Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith shot the ship down yet and saved us from those nasty aliens??
  14. 4th July was the day we decided to have a clean out of the empire and get rid of the deadweights :D
  15. Oysters are over rated as an aphrodisiac, I had twelve once and only nine worked!