4th Armoured Brigade - Kosovo 1999

Please excuse a quick question from a trespassing ex-crab. I am trying to find out the units that formed 4th Armoured Brigade during the entry into Kosovo in 1999. I can remember the Irish Guards being there, but my addled brain cannot remember the rest.

I have tried searching on here, and Googling, but am obviously not typing the right thing into the search engines!

I'm happy with the 5 Airborne bit, but the rest is starting to bug me, so if anyone can help?

Many thanks

I believe the Gurkhas were there (can't remember which!) and I think the QRL.

Most importantly 115 Pro Coy RMP were there (best tour I've ever done)
The Kings Royal Hussars BG

The Irish Guards BG

21 Engr Regt (7HQ, 1 Sqn & 26 Sqn) with 21 EOD Sqn 69 Gurkha Fd Sqn & 65 Fd Pk Sqn

Edited to ad 15 CME Sqn to the Engr ORBAT
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