4th Amoured Brigade

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Bolton_Sig, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. Can some 1 please tell me what the bde is like ?. I have been posted there as a driver lineman any information you can give me will be greatly apreciated, thanks
  2. i spent 4 years at 4X. its awesome. I'm still trying to get back there, along with the other guys in my squadron that have served there as well. We all want to go back. While i was there i served all over Europe, Cyprus and Canada. I had the best time of my life with the best bunch i've ever come across. Do it!
  3. Been at the Bde since september, one of the best units i've served at, great bunch of lads. Starting to Bowmanise in Jan/Feb so busy times ahead
  4. Been at 4X since August. This is my 2nd tour here. It is the BEST unit I have been posted at with out a doubt
  5. Think its 4 Mech now, but when I was there in the late 90s, it was a fecking fantastic place to be, both the town and the blokes :D
  6. I hope its not 4 Mech unless they have changed the name over night. Biscuits, I was also there in late 90's, and you cannot be further from the point regarding the blokes and town. Although Jams and broadways are no more.
  7. Regards the 4 mech thing, I'm not at all sure I didn't imagine that, but you never know. I take it from your post that you didn't have such a good time. Were you in Oscar, Papa, or Support Troop? It may be that you've just been to some truly fantastic postings, but I've enjoyed my time so far, and 4 was pretty much one of the best places.
  8. Yup I was in papa troop. Osnabrück is an excellent posting first time round and just as good again. Jams and Broadways RIP.

    With regards to the 4 Mech thing there is truth in that but there is now actuall date set in stone for a move back to Catterick to take up the role of 4 Mech.

    Bowman happening this year and dates always slip as they still do at 4X.
  9. Don't see how they could have closed Jams, the place always had someone in there drinking, no matter what time of day or night.
    Sends shivers down me spine even thinking about it :oops:
  10. Hyde park is the way ahead.
  11. Dont go there in the next couple of years as its relocating to CATTERICK soon. Info given by MCM DIV
  12. i was posted there from 97 to 2000 in support troop, best posting i've had and the area is great on the p£ss. Your only a few hours from the ports, and 1/2 hour from the dutch boarder. I went to cyprus, poland, canada and everywhere in Europe. You share the camp (Quebec Bks) with 21 Engr Regt and yes iam looking for a posting back there.
  13. Except it'll be clinging to the side of a moor in N Yorkshire. Your weekends entertainment will be getting filled in outside the chippy next to the Fleece in Richmond by wannabe Para Crows. You will cry at the lack of LOA even though things cost more in UK, and miss your Gyros Pommes and Tzatziki. Change that dream sheet!
  14. Thats what dreams are made of.
  15. Used to be Task Force Delta (12 Armd Bde) in Osnatraz in my time - 4 Armd were in Munster and called Task Force Charlie. I was there between 79 and 82. Completely agree with the comments about how good a place it is. We were based in Woolwich bks (behind the main Naafi) and lived at the top of the hill in Scarborough Barracks - sadly now both given back to the Germans. Best memories were playing shock in the Black Sheeep (now the 'Pink Piano') on payday and the run in to the back of Caprivi Kaserne when i was slim enough to be able to be able to squeeze through the back fence. Good memories!!! Good team there at the time as well..... Cracking posting!!