4PARA Holding Troop?

Hey lads nd lasses, need some advice, when i was 16 i went for a PRMC to join the marines, they failed me on the last test because i f**ked my knee on bottom field, anyway 3 years on and my knee being healed i want to go 4PARA (as local RMR unit isnt so local) because my civi job is going well, im assuming 4PARA have a selection course, and i know my fitness has went downhill, so im just wondering if they have a holding troop to get you ready for selection and also to have a taster of 4PARA life.


Yes we do,

Once you join, sign on the dotted line and let the doc play with your marbles we suggest that you come in on Tuesday nights to the holding platoon where you get fitness and get to sit in on some of the lessons. Not entirly sure if they do this in down in Englandshire but we certainly do.

Excelent, can I ask what the selection procedure is IE running times, press up scores, sit ups scores, pull ups etc... and how long it lasts?

We run a look at life weekend see http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=35617.html or phone one of the locations for details/joining instructions.

Aim to have your run under 10.30 with 45 pressups and 50 situps, if you get less than this dont worry just work on your fitness from the look at life weekend and improve it by weekend 1. Even if your not fit enough after the 8 weekends we will back squad you and aim to get you through the next cadre. You dont have to be superfit when you join, as long as you put the effort in you wont have any dramas.


Not sure you would need to phone up or ask when you go to the look at life, but I would think they do.

Hope that helps guys.

Yeah. From memory the doc gives you a medical, you get attested get sized up for uniform, do the BPFA and do lots of paper work. On the Sunday (in 15 Coy atleast) you watch the company guys do a blank attack attack on a house in Garelochead then you get a shot (under supervision) of firing the boom stick. It may have changed format since the last time I was helping on it but will no doubt be something similar.

Dont worry about the look at life weekend just turn up with a sense of humour and put 100% effort in on the BPFA then come back ready for weekend 1.

oh no 8O memories of PRMC's beatings...er i mean "cheeky warm ups" are coming flooding back haha

sorry one more quesion, my local TA unit is 12coy javelin platoon, this is just off Newcastle, i take it i will be going to the 12coy headquarters to do the LAL?
there's a look at life weekend coming up very soon held at White City. Turn up have a "look" unknowingly sign up and bobs your uncle you're training with the rest of the recruits! Best thing to do mate is give White City a call i have the PSI's number PM me if you want it! There will be another course starting in a few weeks which will give you 6 months to get fit, as long as your not a 18st blubber whale you'll be fit in time!!!
haha at the mo i have an NVQ lvl 3 in warehouse management to do so im not thinking about joining up in the next 3 months.

PRMC scores were:

bleep test: lvl 12
press ups: 46 (close arm)
sit ups: 60
pull ups: 5
3 miler: 19 mins

that was when i was 16, it wont take much to get back to that standard, infact it will be easier to go past as im not growing as much, problem is im 6ft 2, i heard the maximum height limit for the jumps course is 6ft 1!?



there are people well over 6'1" who parachute. The PJIs will just tell you to squat down a bit when they measure you. A few years of jumping will soon compress your spine so you will be shorter anyway!
IF i get my maroon beret with the TA, i still have to go through training again and P Coy if i want to go regulars at a later date?


P coy yes, wings course no.

There are minor differences between TA P Coy and Regular P Coy, and if you undergo full recruit training again, you will do full regular P Coy. This does not apply if you just go on an FTRS posting.

It seems abit of a shame to waste the money to train a soldier in 4para and to spend more money again at a later date if he transfers to regs, i know this applies to all TA and i know the TA have regular jobs so its harder to fit the time in to do the training but i would have thaught by now the TA should be to the same standard as the regs :? so a soldier can transfer straight accross.



The differences if P Coy are minor, but the additional training bill required to remove them is major, and the wastage rate and training time is bad enough as it is. If you were to join to do reg recruit training, you might as well go through with your platoon anyway!

As I said, if you just "transfer" (via FTRS) for a short period, there is no need to re do it, only if you leave the TA and join as a day 1 regular recruit. If you intend to make a full career as a regular soldier, you would be best to do the full course, as it totally removes any accusation of "back door" entry, which some of the more ignorant may level at a TA soldier transferring in.


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