4PARA Gap Year

I'm currently a soldier in 4YORKS and am looking at going on the gap year 4PARA run. Is anyone else looking at doing this gap year or has already done it?

yes im looking to do it. going down to White City tomorrow eve for the Insight Course. Heres a couple of qs: What are the regs attitude to Gap Year students and as there is an attachment to a reg unit, do the Gap Year lot do Reg or TA P Coy?
The regs sterotypically look down on things like T.A and Gap Years. As the year is with 4PARA it's reserve PCompany and yeah there should be an attatchement to 2PARA with a chance to go to Afghanistan

Anything is better than 4 Yorks - I'd rather be in the Women's Aux Balloon Corps.


The Reg Bns will simply get a soldier join them on FTRS, in the same way as many other soldiers do who are not on the MGY. Most of the soldiers they join will not even know the MGY exists, or what it does. Like all soldiers on FTRS they will need time to settle in, but should do fine.

It is not like the Gap year commission where they were put in as OC adventure training and brews. They will just join the other new blokes and learn fast once they get there!
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