4Para - A starting point

Now I know the best thing would be go in and speak to them myself, however at the moment I'm working outside the UK a lot and even when i'm in the country its no where near any 4 Para units.

However I am thinking about joining the TA when I move to London permanently.

My question is this...how fit do you realistically have to be to get up to scratch to pass P coy, now I know its subjective and different for each individual, but assuming recruit training takes 6months or so to get to PCoy, what would they accept as a starting point in terms of BPFA fitness, 1.5 mile, press-ups, sit-ups? I've got previous service so I know how fit I am in those terms.

thanks for any helpful replies and apologies to all the rest of you who are possibly sick of people asking p coy questions
Just get yourself in mate, all shapes and sizes turn up on weekend 1, to be turned lean and mean!

Aim for sub 9 minute 1.5 mile run and 60 press ups and sit ups to get yourself in. However, with previous service you'll know its more about effort than anything else. Also the training is progressive, so you'll be starting with 4 mile tabs, with a mile added on each training weekend, or thereabouts.

The 1.5 mile run, press ups and situps aren't much of an indicator of ability to pass P-coy though. Blokes turn up at the start unfit and are made fit quickly, it just depends on their attitude. Have seen guys start fit as fcuk, but not progress, and therefore not pass, but also have seen porkers with determination start, and progress very well, and pass.

PM if you want to know any more

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