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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by RAID, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. is there any welfare that looks after Junior ranks. or do they look after higher rank.and keep it quiet
    as this seems to be the case.

    watch out watch out.
  2. Cant say whether this is the case in all offices, but i can say that that units families office appears corrupt. They like to use the old school tie 'buddy buddy' system and do sod all for the soldiers in their care, or so i've heard!
  3. Ask Aspel :D
  4. is aspel the welfare officer?
  5. that seems about right in this case that i am dealing with.
  6. take that back rock99
  7. Oh OK then.
    I have heard it is pretty pump though. I have a good friend who feels very aggrieved about things that have occurred there.
  8. hi mate no this is not a wah.
    its OK if your are a w02 an above.
    as for the Junior rank you have no hope in getting any help.
  9. Total Bollox,

    Folks if you cannot be of any help why waste your time posting, if this isn't a wah then help the bloke....

    If you need any kind of welfare help then you can approach your chain of command (of course some folks do not want to take this course for personal reasons or conflicts)

    Contact your unit welfare/families office/officer and make an appointment for a 1to1, they usually good blokes who are LE and have some sense about them. Still no joy? Then ask at the families office for the contact details of the Garrison Welfare Officer, they cannot refuse you, these are independant folks who can pull strings and fast!! you can also get their number via the tele operator.

    Still no joy? (at this point I would be pissed off if you didn't) then you can approach your unit Padre/Father and seek help there, it's as confidential as it gets and he has all the welfare numbers you could poke a stick at.

    Last resort is the WRVS if you have one, they have the power of a Jedi when it comes to upsetting CO's with ill news that the boys/girls are not being looked after properly, unless he's a total chopper and cares not for the folks he leads,................................... I met one of those once unfortunately, he was the crowning turd in the pipe.

    I hope this helps, if not send me a PM and I will help you further...
  10. thank you very much m b i will set the record straight about this matter .
    an again cheers.
  11. Mountain_Boy is spot on. Also happy to help through PM. There is always a way.
  12. If your with 3 UK Div, I know a man with lots of influence who may be able to help.

    PM me if you need any extra help.