49th International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by skypilotuk, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. The 49th IMP to Lourdes takes place from Thu 10-Mon 14 May 07. Open to all serving soldiers and officers it consists of representing your country in uniform with over 23,000 military all-ranks from over 30 countries.

    Accompanied by the Band of the Kings Division, the UK tri-service and BFG contingent stay in a 3* hotel for the duration of the parades and events. Plenty of time for fun and free association during the visit with our military colleagues from around the world.

    Those from the UK fly from one of the London airports while the BFG contingent join a Bundeswehr trains that pick up the BFG personnel from station throughout Germany.

    Two or more parades through the town each day, participation in the Services if appropriate for you, otherwise a great de-stressing away period. Is not accounted as leave as all attending personnel are condsidered to be on duty.

    One of the highlight evenings takes place at a chalet outside of the town where a group of serving and ex-serving personnel look after a group of diabled veterans and host a great bar-b-q. Music for the evening supplied by the band.

    Those who have been before know that its takes a bit of a strong constitution ref the late nights! particularly the music nights at the Irish Defence Forces hotel with music supplied by the pipes and drums of the Band of the Irish Air Corp. Again, late nights, but good fun.

    If anyone from the UK is interested in coming along, contact your local RC chaplain for registration details or contact Maj (Ret) Diana Wilson on Mil 94222 4004.

    Anyone in BFG can contact your local RC chaplain. Details from your regimental or unit chaplain.

    All denominations and none are welcome. :D
  2. Err,are we allowed to get wrecked everynight? If so, count me in!
  3. Has been known :D As long as you are up for the mornng parade matey; party on dude :D :D
  4. Bish,

    I shall be making some enquiries then tomorrow :D
  5. Fella's, My ex does this every year. She now escorts the veterans across and when she returned home had to take a week off to recover. The place for the BBQ Has some stunning views across the valley.
  6. Deadline for those intending to fly to Lourdes with the UK contingent, or travelling with the BFG contingent and the Bundeswehr, is this week. Book now to avoid disappointment.
  7. R U aloud 2 goe if U R knot ay Papiste?

    Seriously, a pal of mine (CofE, ritualist - but perhaps not ripe for conversion!) would be glad to know.
  8. its probably one of the better sessions you

    can go to

    1,000s of Soldiers from loads of nations

    an crack mor
  9. Hedgie!

    an crack mhor last evenin' on "One for the Irish".

    Where were ye, at all?

    Pav? Locating and embracing of virgins in College Park?

    (Apologies for intruding that carnal note on a religious thread, yer Rivv'rence.)

    Grabs Black Prot. caubeen an' legs it . . . .
  10. This is one of the best things the army does. I did it as a YO, and had to have a double kidney transplant when I was home.

    You don't have to be a Left Footer - open to anyone. It's not evangeliscal or aimed at converting anyone - its a massive exercise in Defence diplomacy - but also a bloody good party and a very humbling experience to see the dedication of so many helping the needy. Strongly recommended.
  11. Throws Black Northern caubeen into room, to see if it's thrown back out again . . .


    Where do I sign?
  12. Find your nearest bead-rattling sky pilot and tell him you'd like to send your sash to the sketchleys for that week!
  13. Wilco! :1: Signal's already winging its way.

    But nah! :?

    Mulligan shall lay up th'oul sash for the duration of this Pilgrimace, in The Abbey of the Pious & Forlorn Hope, West Clare, where the Atlantic breakers do ever fling shalt shpray aginst the few remaining' stained-glass panes that hivven't been shtolen be' gurriers. Bad cess to thim! :evil:

    We hivvent a Sketchley fer moiles 'n moiles, annyway. :wink:

    "Silent O'Moiles be the roar of thy waters!"
  14. Hey Caubeen, you'd be more than welcome. As an 'away'team' on this event we have all colours (even orange :D ) black, white and grey! It is still one of the best secrets in the Army.

    The rather nice spin-off is to see so many young service personnel wanting to sign up to accompanying the veterans on their annual holiday to the chalet outside town and care from them out of their own pocket.

    Make you rather proud of our service personnel. :) :)
  15. I just remember being so drunk I couldn't see. At one point I staggered, near collapse during a particularly long mass, and was propped by a very kind old boy, who turned out to be General Sir Charles Guthrie, Chief of the Defence Staff (and a good left footer). Also the privvliege of carrying the UK Union Flag with a foot Guards Escort of 3 onto the Dais at the opening ceremony. All the other chippy euros shuffled along and propped their flags up before putting hands in pockets and ambling away; we slow marched along the procession and right formed....and received a round of applause whenever we marched through the town....happy days....