Not_finished_yet. my mate shagged a mong, in the Bali in Braunschweig, hope that doesnt upset you, cos he really enjoyed it, dont know if she did, but she left one of her wellington boots behind afterwards.
Praetorian said:
Homophobic? Racist?
and im certainly not racist, I have a colour TV.
Feckin class, I'm going to have to remember that one.

I'm not racist either - I once had a ginger haired girlfriend.

Why leave a welly behind?


Kit Reviewer
Do you take your rubbers home once you've used them ?
not_finished_yet said:
It's quite sad to read of people 'cracking up' and finding other people's mental suffering hilarious. Chances are the woman in question suffers from a serious mental illness that she has no control over. Mental illnesses are real illnesses just like cancer. They eat away the mind just like cancer eats at the body. When in a cancer ward would you crack up at the suffering of the patients? So why find it hilarious that a woman is suffering paranoid delusions and god knows what else? And what about those poor souls who have come back from war for their lives to be torn apart by mental illness? Is their suffering funny as well? Attitudes like this are contemptuous of those men and women who served beside you. Real suffering and misery and real suicides come from mental illness. And don't think you are immune from mental illness just because it may not have happened yet. One in four of you will suffer from a serious mental illness at some point. If in that position would you hope for compassion, decorum and support or cruel, immature and thoughtless ridicule?
The voices in my head just told you to fcuk off you poor simpering soft cokc swallower. You have obviously mistook this website for the Salvation Army Rumour Service. There are plenty of other sites around where you can groom spakkers, mongs and raspberry ripples for the type of sleazy sex you need, by pretending to be sympathetic and caring. Not that I condemn you at all, what's a chromosome more or less between friends.


The trains certainly attract its share of the radio Rentals, and I have been called to SAS men on covert-ops, Iraqi snipers on the bridge etc- great fun to find they are 40+ year old walts who dont know what day it is.
my wife has suffered from depression for years and her shrink decided to try her on a new tablet, it sent her right off the rails, upsetting her balance and self control in any situation. I took her shopping in the local supermarket and she wants some ice cream, she leaned over the huge freezer to get some and the dopey cow fell in, i was pissing myself laughing and was unable to pull her out, the looks i got from the other customers. thing is when they pulled her out she was wetting herself laughing too. mental illness is funny, ask someone who suffers from it
I just remembered about an incident years ago when I wasnt long in Germany. I trapped this lass who had huge tits but had a bog eye, and I mean bad, I had no feckin idea who she was looking at so maybe she wanted to trap my mate but I got there first so feckit!!

Anyways, we went back to her place which was a big farmhouse that her whole family lived in..I was sure I could hear a banjo playing that deliverance music, but little buggrit was rearing his head and wouldnt take no for an answer.

We got into her room which she shared with her little sister who also had a mate sleeping over so we had a few cushions on the floor...no bother thought I, Ive shagged in worse places. We started getting jiggy with it when I noticed her sister and mate still awake "Ah well" thought I " For the Corps" and got down to business and had a pleasureable time.

Next morning I gets up sober and realised what I just shagged..not quite an arm biter but close andthere's her little sister standing there....no hand, a vapid grin on her face with blank glassy eyes and drool running down her chin. She just stood there staring, not moving, not blinking.

You've never seen a sapper get dressed and out a house so feckin fast...luckily I never knew what "squeal like a pig boy! was... :sweatdrop: