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Discussion in 'RLC' started by dpm_mirkin, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. I'm trying to find out some history for 49 Sqn, who are currently part of 24 Regt. I know they were in Bulford in the early eighties, and possibly transport orientated, but that seems to be about it. Any links, history or general info would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Many thanks, Mad........seen this one already, but any other stuff would be more than welcome.
  3. Is that 49 (Para) Sqn?? The search for the holy Grail goes on.........
  4. Someone's been tasked with making a Sqn history board Mirkin? Life really is manic on the sunny side of camp.
    See you at T+T!
  5. Im not saying a word... Oh god I couldnt help it..... WTF 49 Sqn history?, has someone else logged with your username Mirkin? Or are you really that bored at work?

    Go riding or something...I dont believe you actually brought work to ARRSE!!!!


  6. Get fooked the pair of you! You're only jealous because I've got nothing better to do, wanchors....leave me alone, this is serious history stuff!
  7. Dear mr Mirkin the history teacher,
    You can tell your not busy during the WORKING day, we only reply during our evenings. Aint got time to read ARRSE on a monday around 11.29am!
    If you ever find out the history of your dull Sqn is there any chance of a presentation for me and Marky, that would be sooo interesting.
  8. Maybe we could really be rebelious and have a coffee whilst listening so intently to your presentation...

    Please tell me you really asked for history on 49 Sqn as a joke..please go on, Im struggling to sleep at night, it has proper damaged me... go on tell me.. please? eh?

    You´ve changed... :p
  9. 49 Sqn RCT were a TSU (Transport Support Unit) based in Ward Barracks Bulford their main role was Garrison duties, i.e: Minibus driving, Pantechnicons for the Garrison Accom Stores, provision of Staff cars for Officers/others. The unit was made up of both Mil & civvys. RCT OC, RCT MT SSgt, WRAC & Civvy Drivers.
  10. Hands up who thinks he should make it up? History, battle honours – the ish! Then get some spurious silverware commissioned. The 49 Sqn solid silver naan bread: to commemorate the moment in the Indian Mutiny when Lt A J Mongbeard had a lamb super faahl and whilst running to find an opportune location to shit his ring stumbled upon and bayoneted 65 enemy.
  11. Wouldnt worry about it. 49 Sqn will cease to exist when 24 Regt closes anyway!!
  12. Ahaaa, Do you have int that the rest of 24 Regt does not appear to have?