480 rounds per minute

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stoatman, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. I was lucky enough to go on a PRactical pistol course at Bisley in 1993 coached by the legendary Jerry Mculek... made a 686 / 627 sound like a Thompson....

    Awesome, I fancied him like fcuk :D
  2. Feck! That was one quick reload!!

    How suprising.
  3. Was that a 'bog standard' pistol or one rigged to fire auto? Doesn't matter either way really, it's amazing shooting in anyone's book! 8O
  4. Jerry Mculek used a Smith & Wesson Mod 627 back then, it was a straight out the box bity of kit alledgedly but I had my doubts.

    Being a gobby cnut and calling his bluff I handed him my Smith Mod 686 and fcuk me if he didn't do the same again... my pistol, my ammo (.38 spec), my gun belt and ..... he is a fcuking god, I want his underpants. :D

    I'm glad someone has posted the video, when you describe what these fellas can do with a revolver they think you are bluffing.
  5. How accurate is he though? He appeared to hit the targets.
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    That was some shooting.

    Those crazy Mericans and their liberable gun laws.
  7. There are a few different diciplines but the falling plates are about 12 x 12 inch (could be wrong) you stand at about 15m away and they fall as quickly as these fellas can put the trigger, and thats fcuking quick.

    Jerry Mculek once beat Bob Dunkley at the falling plate...... Bob was using an auto (1911 custom)

    I maintain he is a god and I want gay love with him :D
  8. Well we shall keep that last comment on the board forever!!
  9. Apparently all he'd had done to the pistol is that the trigger had been smoothed out & lightened a bit. In any case, you can't rig a S&W revolver to go full-auto without a motor. I've heard of Webley-Fosberries going full-auto, but they go quite slowly.

    Ed McGivern was even better:

  10. The fosberry although good fun and a classic was useless.

    I once considered using it in the falling plate but it simply didn't cycle fast enough.

    Got £1900 compo for it whan the slags took em off us :D