480 Platoon - "The Paras" Tv show 1982

Does anybody know the fate of any of the blokes in 480? I heard from a drunk reg bloke on the gate one night that no names got slotted in NI and definitely no names was in the regiment apart from that dunno, must be close to the end by now for them...??
The short Black Guy, Deano, went on the become a world class athlete, lifted an olympic medal in Nagano for the four man Bobsleigh.

Bloody nice bloke too, even if he cant drink


Had the pleasure of working with one of the graduates of that class in NI in 93.

He'd taken the natural career progression by then and was a Sgt. Probably still serving so I won't mention his name.

Who was the one whose trousers fell apart at the Passing Off, C*******m???
Served with one of the lads from the series, good bloke both in camp and OTP, switched on when out in the cuds and could look after himself down town when needed.

Basic requirements to be a good Paratrooper I'd say.    
so which one was that HLS? Borland or Birrel? (just a guess) or Tony Butler (the ex judo champion)
Remember working with Cunnigham in NI in 89 or there abouts. He had less hair than I remember.
That bloody programme made me join up!!!
Just watched the first of a two part prog on History Chann about The Falklands, V Good. Takes a more in depth view than the usual 'reporters eye view' that ITV and the like do. Next ones on next Sun I think. That bloody chindig made me join up too!!! Union Jacks, DMS boots and putees, ahhhh.
Flash, I remember taking my DMS to the cobblers and having extensions sewn on with the end result being highleg DMS..and no bloody puttees!!!!!!
The good old days eh? 58 webbing, sleeping bags that had two feathers in them and were sod all use when wet and then there were those lovley crisp packets that kept you dry as a bone ha ha

wish we could go back to them....not

really when you think about it combat 95 isnt so bad...
I agree Red..especially when you consider that we used to have 2 pairs of boots (DMS) one of which was bulled up for best..and now...

Junglies, assault, training, best, desert, proboot, even a pair of matterhorns....


War Hero
I did some courses with a fair batch from the prog, including the boys who did some legion time and very nice they were even to a hat! They were trying to live down being in the spotlight, there weren't many reality tv shows around then  so it was new to everyone I suppose, I did think they coped very well with the pressure and posstaking form the Bn's
Funny really isnt it? the standard of new kit has gone up but the standards of new blokes has taken a nose dive...but then we wont go there will we? ::)

Trouble is with programs like "The para's" is it doesnt look so bad and then you get to depot....

I watched that documentry on the cutting edge about P company three months before I was on it, the reality was somewhat different!!

Ahh well now i m in civ div I can watch the blokes cutting about like in "Battle strips" from the comfort of my armchair...and yes thats two sugars in my co co if you please!!


Ha ha,

I was on that cutting edge documentary. You can see the top of my head five rows down from the front, in the left hand rank. You can only see the top of my head  because I was hanging out of my arrse and we'd only done two miles.
ahh now you ve got me reminicing....

Hungry hill, long valley and who could forget the lovely view of farnborough airfield from ceasars camp!!

How we laughed as we went round spiders for the fifteenth time...

When you think about it if you did test week as a fit and tab ready guy you wouldnt find it hard at all, however after five to seven weeks of ragging your in poor state and fit to drop! or at least I was with bits falling off everywhere...the biggest thing i remeber was what an anti-climax it was when we loaded those strechers on the back of the bedford...

ahh well back to my co co...
theres quite a few over in Iraq at present, but no TV cameras are around
mighty_doh-nut said:
The short Black Guy, Deano, went on the become a world class athlete, lifted an olympic medal in Nagano for the four man Bobsleigh.

Bloody nice bloke too, even if he cant drink
He was on one of my resettlement briefs, a couple of years back. He wanted to be a copper.


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