47th of Horse (Yorkshires finest)

Discussion in 'RAC' started by RogerOut2, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Anyone around from Yorkshire's finest?

    Cant let the Armoured farmers get all the say in here LOL
  2. Well enough of you went to them from JLR when I were a lad!!! Nine from my troop alone. :thumbdown:
  3. Soprano still trying to figure out who you are, you sussed me quickly enough LOL

    13 fine young chaps passed off with us to the 47th all gone now I am afraid :(
  4. Mate come on, I can now see why you went to the CAV :slow:!!! LOL

    Check your PM's!
  5. Well RogerOut its been nearly 6 hours and still no bites, it looks like all of Yorkshire's finest have f**k*d off!!!
  6. Typical 47th quiet and by stealth LOL
  7. Is anybody there....................................................................................................nope! :? :silent:
  8. Joined D sqn as a Rupert in the Sunset days of 91. Posted shortly after amalgamation (xmas 92) for a year in Canada followed by a year in Liverpool then out . Enjoyed Detmold and loved the Regiment.
  9. Sounds like you spent no time with the Regiment to love it?
  10. TB your right about little time at RD this was due to the wonders of Options for change. However there was a great feeling of belonging to the Regiment from the moment you joined. Have you never heard of love at first sight TB?
  12. I seem to remember lots of the guys from my intake going to the 4/7th, but that was in 73 so they may all be dead by now.
  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    We had one in our intake in Catterick, 75/20. His name looked like a Slidex message cos of his Polish father who'd fought for us in the war. If you knew him, you know who I mean.

    I and two others were the intake's last arrivals from RSC Sutton Coldfield. He had been one of the first, marking time for a couple of weeks waiting for the intake to fill out. First night, he comes stomping into our basha with a couple of cronies and informed us he had been nominated by the staff as the intake's senior recruit. He started gobbing off. I had previously done time (if that's the right expression ... ) in RMP recruit training before seeing the light. I saw his story as plausible and wasn't going to ruffle any feathers in the first 30 minutes, so I went along. Then I very quickly knew he was spouting rowlocks and when he ordered down give me 20 to the three of us, I just stood there, waiting to see how he handle this challenge to his self-given authority. He knew he was rumbled, but it took the other two quite some time, and I gained cred because they really thought I was standing up to authority.

    Every time somebody new got to take a roll call, we all held our breath as the roll-taker got through the Ms and Ns to the Ps then exploded as his name. At this point our friend would simply call out his own name and leave the DS to choose his own nickname. He answered, IIRC, to ABC, XYZ and Zizzwizz.

    Upon completion of training I went off to join my regiment in Omagh. A couple of months later at tour end, we moved to Tidworth where we discovered that the Angle Irons were next door in a cavalry sandwich with 47th on the other side.

    We were able to continue our comradeship in the Bhurtphore NAAFI (the 47th seemed to have a fascination with the Rumble in the Jungle, cos the single was forever being played on the Juke Box: in the Aliwal NAAFI, ISTR the usual music was David Dundas singing "I pull my green skin on, I pull my baggy green skin on," or something like that).

    I am sure they replaced the Royal Hoozars in Paderborn shortly after we replaced erm, erm, do you know, I cannot remember who we took over from in the Infanteriekaserne? I suspect they were Infantry. Queens rings a bell, especially when in later years at Worthy Down I found an Ex-Queen who'd followed the same career path and had been in the Infanteriekaserne. Last I heard he was still working for the same multinational IT megacorporation as I, up the road in Farnborough. However, doing a lookup tells me that unless he's moved to one of our US or Canadian operations, he isn't there now.

    I really must give up rambling on. Ahhh memories.
  14. Hi AlienFTm

    I think I know who you meant would be PRZY**L. for some strange reason he had a tendency to wear a kaftan at Sqn does which always got up C Sqn SSm's nose and earned him his fair share of dirty jobs over the years. he left as a Cpl after about 9 years and I havent clue what happenned to him.

    We took over from the Royal Hussars ok but that was in Fally in late 76 the 17/21L were next door in Wessex Bks. I think QLR took over that barracks from you in Paderborn didnt they, that would be the one on the corner?

    Lots of happy memories of those days.
  15. And so say all of us,